No two brides are alike. Every bride has her own personality, dreams, goals, and talents. Yet, many weddings end up being cookie-cutter weddings. These are weddings where the bride wears the white gown, the bridesmaids and groomsmen are dressed traditionally and the bridal bouquet is made of roses. This is beautiful and lovely if it represents the true nature of the couple.

If the bride and groom love the idea of living the American dream, buying a house and having a couple of kids, a dog, and a secure job they will stay with until retirement. This wedding represents your traditional values and it is perfect. But, what if it doesn’t?

Who are you?

When you decide on a theme for your wedding, you are branding it. You are announcing to the world, “This is us, come and celebrate!” To choose the theme for your wedding, you have to look deep within. What brings a thrill to mind?

If you could live anywhere and at any time, where would you be? Do you love the winding staircase of a southern plantation? Does your heart flutter at the thought of an elegant Victorian style venue? Do you think a fun outdoor barn wedding sounds fun? Maybe in the middle with an artsy, wine vineyard attitude.

Does your future spouse belong to a certain organization, such as the army? Would you be up for completely customizing your military wedding with all the fun custom lapel pins for your guests?

Once you answer these questions, your theme will become obvious.

Bridesmaids – Let the best of them bring out the best of you!

There is an unspoken current that runs through wedding venues everywhere. This is a thought process that the bride brings to the table that is immature and silly. That is, “I do not want my bridesmaids to look better than me!” The bride with that thought process chooses lackluster bridesmaids dresses and over-the-top wedding gowns to set herself apart.

Your bridesmaids are there to frame you. Their beauty does not outshine the bride but enhances it. Loving people in the wedding takes your entire wedding to the next level. It doesn’t matter how physically pretty they are. You will still be the star of the show. But you will show your charm, grace, and confidence by choosing the best for them. That is what a beautiful bridesmaid dress does. It shows that you are confident and they are people you care about. This makes for a special bond, feel throughout the wedding, and some great wedding photographs.

The non-destination wedding

A new trend that is sweeping the nation is the non-destination wedding. This is for the couple who would like to have a destination wedding, but for whatever reason, cannot. Perhaps your dream wedding would have been in Paris. Bring Paris to your wedding! Instead of tradition seating, place French cafe tables and traditional cafe chairs for your guest. Serve French food, coffees, and wines. Have traditional French music playing during dinner. Use a venue with a big screen and have films of life in France going on around you.

With this theme, you can have a wedding on the beach in Hawaii or on a mountain in Switzerland. You can have a starlight ceremony on a rooftop in New York City or a wedding in a castle in Ireland. With a little planning, you can have anything you want, anywhere you want, in any time period you want, with all the accompanying details like these rings that you want.


This is the year for big, bright and bold flowers. The bride of today is carrying an oversized bouquet of fully bloomed flowers. The colors are bright pinks, corals, or reds, but with lots of greenery.

If you are going for a 2018 trendy wedding, think flowers and lots of greenery. Florists are making arrangements that surround the entry way or door on the venue entrance. Lot so vine work is draping from the ceiling and walls. The entire venue is alive with nature for the bride of 2018.

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