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Long and Lasting: Eyelash Extensions to a Gorgeously You

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Wanting to boost your beauty is never a wrong thing. As long as you can afford to undergo beauty procedures, then go ahead. Everybody wants to look good and stand out not for the sake of others, but for their own well-being.

Beauty encompasses a lot when it comes to the body. Lashes, in particular, are often the subject of a lot of work for most women. Having thick and beautifully long eyelashes is an asset for a lot of people.

For those who don’t have long eyelashes, an eyelash extension is an instant way to achieve enhancement of the length, thickness, fullness and curliness of the natural long, eyelashes. Before considering eyelash extensions, here are the types of extensions you might want to check:

  • Real mink eyelash extensions. These extensions are perfect for someone who loves to have a natural look. It is handmade and uses 100 percent mink fur. Soft, lightweight and more likely a natural eyelash.
  • Synthetic acrylic eyelash extensions. The heaviest of the lash extensions. Often made of acrylic. These are glossier, shinier and stronger than other lashes.
  • Silk eyelash extensions. Less glossy than synthetic lashes and appears more natural.
  • Faux-mink lash extensions. These do not demand any curling and perming. Shinier than most silk lashes.
  • Volume lash extensions. Made of either silk or synthetic extensions. Less adhesive and is mainly used to give you a more dramatic look.

Things to Consider when Having an Eyelash Extension

You can’t just drive a car and go to a salon for an eyelash extension. Before having it connected to your natural eyelashes, you need to know more about the procedure you want to undergo. You need to consider things and determine some facts before doing the extension.

What do you want?

Before having an eyelash extension, you need to choose what type of extension you want to undergo. You need to consider the most comfortable eyelash that suits you. What material do you want to use as your extended eyelash? How long do you want your eyelash to be? How thick and how curl?

These are the questions you need to answer before having the procedure. When you know what you want, you can then choose who gets to put those extensions on.

Who can do the eyelash extension?

After determining what you want for your eyelash extensions, search for a professional to do the procedure. You can go to a lash technician who is experienced in doing these kinds of procedures.

Some salons offer eyelash extensions for a lower price. In choosing where to do the procedure, look for a salon or clinic that have good reviews to ensure the quality of their work.

Can eyelash extension cause blindness?

As these procedures use a type of glue to attach, it’s natural that you worry about what can happen to you. However, with an experienced technician, they’re always cautious when it comes to your eyelashes. They only need to put a little amount of adhesive to avoid contact with eyes.

The procedure is completely harmless if you let a licensed technician attach your extensions for you.

How long will the eyelash extension last?

Most eyelash extensions typically last until your natural eyelashes pass through a full growth cycle, generally for about six to eight weeks. Hence, if you want to maintain your lash extension, you need to go back to the salon for a re-touch.


If you have short and thin eyelashes, you can consider having eyelash extensions. It will not change your look entirely, but it will certainly add a certain spice to it. Having extensions can also be a way of pampering yourself after stressful days.

You can visit beauty clinics and salons that offer eyelash extension for more details. Before you undergo the process, be sure to feed yourself relevant facts to avoid regrets. Being cautious is vital for your self-assurance.

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