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Los Angeles Lakers: 3 Goals for Brandon Ingram in 2017-18

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Brandon Ingram was drafted with the No. 2 overall pick in the 2016 NBA Draft by the Los Angeles Lakers and showed major signs of development throughout his rookie season. He did enough to make Magic Johnson view him as “untouchable” in trade talks this offseason, as the Lakers look to build with him as a major cornerstone for their franchise.

At just 20 years of age, Ingram already looks to be a budding NBA star. He stands in at 6-foot-9 and just 190 pounds and has the same kind of skinny frame that Kevin Durant had when coming into the league.

That is not to say that Ingram will become the same kind of player that Durant has come, but he certainly has superstar potential of his own.

Last season with the Lakers, Ingram ended up averaging 9.4 points per game to go along with 4.0 rebounds and 2.1 assists per game. He shot 40.2 percent from the floor overall and knocked down 29.4 percent of his three-point attempts. Ingram has improved his perimeter shooting this season and expects to take his offensive game to the next level.

All of that being said, what goals should be set for Brandon Ingram heading into the 2017-18 NBA season?

Average at Least 16 Points Per Game

Most important, the Lakers are hoping to see Ingram unlock some of his offensive potential. He will be asked to score the basketball at a much higher rate than he did last season and 16 points per game is a reasonable expectation. Ingram could end up averaging more than 16 per game, but that ballpark would be ideal for the Lakers.

Become a Better Perimeter Defender

Los Angeles could use better defense from their rising star as well. Ingram will have to go up against some of the elite NBA small forwards this season and has the body and athleticism to become a tough perimeter defender. Developing on defense is just as important for Ingram as developing his offense.

Improve as a Playmaker for His Teammates

Almost all lethal scorers are able to develop their playmaking ability to help unlock their offense. If defenses have to worry about a star scorer being able to pass and create open looks for teammates, they are unable to focus solely on shutting down their scoring. Ingram’s offensive game would take a major leap forward with improved playmaking ability.

What kind of season are you expecting from Brandon Ingram? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below!

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