Horoscope or Kundli holds the astrological data of an individual. To be more precise, it records and analyses the astrological design, the unique planetary placement corresponding to the date, time and place of birth. A Kundali can be used to study and get predictions on various aspects of life, including love and marriage.

An online Kundli can give predictions on your romantic relations and married life. It can indicate your scope of involving in a long-term love affair and marrying the person you love. Analysis of basic horoscope data itself indicates your tendency to involve in romantic affairs. Your attitude towards life and love, commitment in relationships etc. can also be studied from the basic Kundli data. Besides this, there are some important Kundli features that decide your love life, marriage, lover, partner etc. These include the position of Venus (Sukra) – the planet of love and beauty, dasa-apaharas favouring romance, yogas influencing love and marriage and some bhavas/houses, especially the seventh house of marriage. A precise study of these features can tell your love and marriage prospects, including the chances for love marriage.

Choose online astrology service

So, a Kundali can predict whether your marriage is going to be a love marriage or an arranged marriage; but it requires accurate and detailed analysis. There are Kundali software applications assuring accurate and detailed Kundali report. The horoscopes generated by such Kundali software applications can reveal the various supporting factors leading to love or arranged marriage. You can also generate your exclusive marriage horoscope report from online astrology portals. If you are in love with someone and in a hurry to know whether you can marry that person or not, then the best solution is to consult an expert astrologer. He could go through the Kundali factors supporting love or arranged marriage and predict how much scope you have to marry your lover. If you are confused about whom to approach, then you can choose online astrology consultation services offered by astrology websites.

How does Kundli predict marriage prospects?


Let’s see how a Kundli predicts the prospects of love or arranged marriage. 

  • The position of Venus (Sukra) in the birth chart is an important factor. It is the planet of love and its position and strength in your Kundli plays a major role in deciding your romantic affairs. The dasa-apahara periods of Venus are also important. These periods create favourable circumstances for romantic relations or marriage. 
  • Another important factor to be considered is Yoga. There can be some Yogas in your horoscope that influence the fulfilment of your romance and marriage. Some Yogas would be favourable for romance and marriage, while some would be unfavourable. A study of these Yogas can help to decode whether your marriage would be a love marriage or not.

The marriage horoscope you generate specifically analyses these factors deciding your love and marriage. Yet, the most important part of a marriage horoscope is the analysis of the seventh house of marriage. 

Your marriage horoscope makes a detailed analysis of your seventh house of marriage. This would reveal information such as 

  • the right time for marriage, 
  • the kind of person you marry, 
  • the happiness or pleasure in your married life, 
  • children
  • Doshas

The other houses that influence your love and marriage include 

  • the second house influencing family life, 
  • the fifth house influencing romance and progeny and 
  • the twelfth house influencing the chances for detachment.

The most important concern for a lover is to marry his/her partner. The Vedic Astrology Kundli offers a variety of methods to study the prospects of marrying your love and leading a happy life with him/her.You could generate your accurate and detailed Kundli with the help of authentic Kundali software matching applications. You could also generate your detailed online marriage horoscope report. Besides reading the marriage horoscope, you can also try your love horoscope and couple horoscope reports available with online astrology portals.

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