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Marketing: 7 Tips In Creating A Heedful Retail Signage That Attracts An Anxious Shopper

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You’ve probably been into a situation where you find yourself so stressed and look for something you want to buy, right? Well, sometimes we do not understand how things work out but we normally want to get rid of these stress and pressure by shopping. By doing so, we go to the nearest department or retail stores where we can simply shop around and get what we like.

But, before going inside the store, have you noticed that some of doesn’t have many shoppers given the fact that they have a big area and some small ones got the biggest number of buyers? Have you asked yourself how did this happen and how these business owners made a great impact on attracting a lot of customers?

While there are lots of answers buzzing on your mind, one thing that makes a store attract more customers is through their signages. In fact, signages aids every bypassers and customer know that there’s something going on in your store. So today, as you go along a look for a retail store to buy stuff so you’ll be stress-free, let yourself discover some compelling reasons how these retail stores create retail signages to drive more anxious customers.

Brief and Concise Contents

Bear in mind that just like you, all customers are in a hurry. So, you do not expect that a lot would read long signages just to get into a store. All signages are wherever you may go should contain brief and on-point contents that will surely drive directly the attention of every customer.

Moreover, you have to observes that these signages should include direct offers like sales or discounts of the store’s product.

Fonts Should Be Easy To Read and Understand

Sometimes when we are on the streets walking, we tend to notice signages which are written big. As a shopper, when you see something written boldly and offers big discounts or sale, you would more likely get in. This means that every business should make sure that their font size should be clearly visible. Remember, font size first so that your customers would understand what you are selling before the design and style.

Makes Your Head Turn

Now, what does making your head turn in business signages means? This means that when you notice signage before entering the store, your attention does not only get driven because of the design and colors but the reason why you should buy their products.

“You” Should Be The Subject

Remember that good signage does not only have large fonts, attractive font style, and awesome design. According to some signage experts like ShieldCo Art, you might probably be attracted if you read signage that you can definitely relate. That means that if signage uses “You” as their subject, you imagine yourself using their product with full satisfaction.

Besides, excellent signage that uses “You” as their subject does not only manage to get a high daily gross profit but inspires their customer more telling them that their products fit your taste.

Having Less Means More

In any given platform may it be a text message, direct message, or a social media post, almost all people are shortening messages and sometimes using an emoticon. The same goes for signage, you have a greater chance of getting inside a retail store where you see words that are shortened but still means big.

Testing Signages

On a shoppers point of view, where do you think a business should place their signages? When you pass by a retail store you might probably notice signage placed on top of the establishment’s roof, on a tinted window, or right on the front door. For every business owners, your signages should attract more customers and if it does not draw a lot more attention the first time you place it on a specific place on your store, try a different one.

You can try and try until such a time that you notice that people are getting more attracted and there will be an influx of customers coming inside your retail store.

Always Have Fun

Admit it or not, you won’t get attracted to boring store signages. The same thing with other people passing by a store who rarely notice store signage that lacks life. This means that signages that create double meanings, has punchlines, and jokes tend to be noticeable and a great way of business to showcase their products.


By going outside and buying something out of nowhere is a great way of relieving your stress. At the same time, you may not have an idea on what type of retail or department store you will be going in. This is why attractive, large, and meaningful retail signages play a big role in attracting esteemed customers like you.

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