As things stand in the Marvel Cinematic Universe right now, the Avengers are in shambles. The events of last Summer’s big blockbuster, Captain America: Civil War, shook the team to its core. Let’s go through a quick recap, shall we.

So the heart of the issue in Civil War was the Accords. Basically, they are a document that states the Avengers would answer to the government, who essentially would dictate when they would or wouldn’t go fight. Tony, feeling shaken from the events of Sokovia, was on board. He thought it was a good idea that the team be held responsible and answer to a governing body. Captain America on the other hand, was not having it.

This would lead to a divide within the team. Tony would sign along with Black Widow, Rhodey and Vision. Cap, Scarlet Witch and Falcon did not. Therefore, those who did not sign would be considered “retired”. If they lept into action, they would essentially become criminals. The film proceeded and the two teams would come to blows.


But eventually, the greater threat was revealed. That threat came in the form of Zemo, who wanted to destroy the Avengers from the inside out. So after Cap and Tony put aside their difference to fight Zemo, only to have Zemo drop the emotional bombshell that Bucky killed Tony’s parents. This led to the two leaders once  again trading blows.

When all was finished, Cap was the one who came out on top, driving his shield through the chest of Tony’s suit. He would walk off, and we would eventually learn he would break out his team (Falcon, Wanda, Ant-Man and Hawkeye) from the underwater prison known as the Raft. So Tony is a beaten man and Cap is a wanted one.

While the two left their last encounter on poor terms, Marvel did leave us a clue that the two are not done working together. First off, the final scene we see Tony in during Civil War, he is certainly not on the same page as Thunderbolt Ross, who is essentially the man the Avengers report to based on the Accords. This gives fans the inkling Tony is no longer fully on board with the document.

Then we have the package from Cap. It basically contains a letter and a cell phone. It is Cap’s way of telling Tony, “If you need me, call me. And I will be there”. But the question remains, what will be the driving factor for Tony to make that call?

Despite their differences, Tony would not simply call Cap to bring him out of hiding. It needs to be something big. And most likely, it needs to be something personal. And that is where Vision comes into play.

As Marvel fans know, the Mind Stone is firmly planted in Vision’s forehead. This just so happens to be one of six Infinity Stones that Thanos, the big bad within the MCU, will be after. So needless to say, Vision is going to find himself in a very difficult situation real soon.

Thanos is likely to send his goons (The Black Order) after Vision to retrieve the stone in his attempt to fill the Infinity Gauntlet with all six. Given the Avengers are in a bit of disarray at the moment, Vision could very likely find himself alone at any given moment. With no real backup. So I fully expect the Black Order to jump him while he is alone, and take the stone from his head.

To this point, we have no idea if Vision can even function without it. So by removing the stone from his head, Vision could very well be “dead” (at least until the stone is returned to him). Given both Tony and Cap have fought alongside him, this will certainly come as a blow to both. And not only will one of their team members be down for the count, but a huge threat will be looming as well.

Seems like a pretty good reason for Tony to break out that phone, doesn’t it? Not only does it hit on a personal level, but also a “we need to save the world” type of level as well. So unfortunately for Vision, that stone makes him a marked man. And as a marked man, he is likely to fall given the ones who will be after him.

So while Vision will suffer, it will be for the betterment of the Avengers as a whole. The team will be brought back together to fight Thanos. And they will avenge Vision’s death. When all is said and done, hopefully Vision will regain the stone and be back to his old self.

What do you think? Will it take the downfall of Vision to bring the team back together? Will the threat of Thanos as a whole be enough? Or does it need to have that personal connection for Tony to make the call? Maybe something else entirely? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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