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Patrick Mahomes - Quarterback. Texas Tech

When it comes to the quarterbacks of the 2017 NFL Draft, they are not very strong. One that keeps climbing draft boards, however, is Patrick Mahomes II from Texas Tech University. Mahomes is the son of former major league pitcher, Pat Mahomes. In this player profile, we will look at the strengths and weaknesses of the young QB. We will also tab him to a couple of teams.


Patrick Mahomes II is one of the better QBs in this draft class. He is quickly rising on draft boards. The 6’2” 225lb stud has the arm of a rocket. He may have only run a 4.8 40, but he is surprisingly mobile. In fact, he has 22 rushing TDs in the last three years.

He is surprisingly accurate too. His accuracy has increased every year. The arm strength is something to watch. Mahomes II can crank up the velocity to fit into tight windows. Additionally, he throws the ball from all sorts of angles.

Patrick Mahomes II is an excellent play-action passer. He carries out the fake and often fools the defense.

As a result, of his surprising mobility, he can be a dual-threat machine. Therefore, he has the presence to escape the pocket. With this in mind, Mahomes II can extend plays and find his second and third options. Subsequently, this type of QB would need strong hands. Thus, he does not fumble the ball often.



Patrick Mahomes II does not show many weaknesses. However, he can be inconsistent at times. A consequence of his inaccuracies comes because of the home run ball. He often gets hungry for the explosive play.

Secondly, his strong arm gets him in trouble. Hence, some of his throws will tend to sail. In other words, he needs to work on his touch.

Patrick Mahomes II is one of a kind. Despite being a first-round selection, he will be a project. However, he is coachable and has a very high ceiling. In the words of one NFC Exec, “Mahomes II has a big arm, big balls, and he is mobile! I think he becomes a special QB!”

Projected Teams

Cleveland Browns – 12 overall, New York Giants – 23 overall, Houston Texans – 25 overall, Kansas City Chiefs – 27 overall, Pittsburgh Steelers – 30 overall, New Orleans Saints – 32 overall.

How do you feel about Patrick Mahomes II? Where would you like to see him go? You can leave a comment below.

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