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MCU: How Many Infinity Stones Will Thanos Have Before Infinity War

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Marvel fans are excited, as Spider-Man: Homecoming enters theaters in under a week. As excited as this writer is for Spidey’s next adventure, I can’t help but look ahead to May of 2018. That is when the Avengers will feel the full wrath of Thanos, as he reemerges in the MCU. That will happen when Avengers: Infinity War comes to theaters on May 4th, 2018.

In that film, Thanos will look to collect all six of the Infinity Stones: The Power Stone, the Soul Stone, the Time Stone, the Reality Stone, the Mind Stone and the Space Stone. To this point, fans have been introduced to five of those stones, with only the Soul Stone still at large.

Many are guessing that this particular stone will show up later this year, when Thor: Ragnarok debuts in November. Some claim Heimdall will possess the stone. Others are pointing to the films big bad, Hela, as the holder of said stone.

But that’s not the question we are asking today. Instead, we are curious if Thanos will actually be in possession of any of the six leading into Infinity War. To help make an educated guess on this matter, let’s take a look at where each stone is within the MCU at this moment.

For starters, the Power Stone. Following the events of Guardians of The Galaxy, the team handed the orb, along with the stone, to the Nova Corps. on Xandar. As a result, this stone is already in space and not currently being guarded by a major MCU character. So for Thanos to add this one to his Gauntlet, he could easily do so within a credit scene.

Next up we have the Time Stone. This one is within the Eye of Agomotto. If you have not seen Doctor Strange, then you may not be familiar with the relic used by Stephen Strange. It gave Doctor Strange an extra tool to utilize while fighting evil. Safe to say, he would not give it up without a fight.

The Reality Stone is better known as the Aether. This was the red stuff that played a key role in Thor: The Dark World. Following the final battle in that film, Lady Sif handed it off to The Collector. This was done during a credit scene, so what’s stopping Marvel from using the character again in a credit scene? After his home of goodies was destroyed in Guardians, we cannot guarantee he even still has the stone. Count this one as extremely vulnerable at the moment.

The Mind Stone is the easiest to explain. It was initially inside Loki’s staff.  But after being busted open, the stone itself was placed in the forehead of the Vision. Since removing it from Vision’s head would likely kill him, I think it’s a safe assumption that won’t be happening until Infinity War comes along.

The Space Stone is the Tesseract we all got to know back in The Avengers. After the big battle of New York, this one was brought to Asgard, where it currently sits. Pair this with the fact that the Soul Stone is likely to appear in the next Thor film, who wants to bet that Thanos shows up in that film?

Two stones in one location is surely a dangerous proposition. It will make them an extremely high-risk target. Following the third Thor film, there will be roughly six months until the third Avengers film. That seems like a good length of time to tease some Thanos destruction. So why not see Thanos rip the Reality Stone from Asgard in one of the films credit scenes?

At the end of the day, four of the six stones seem to be at risk of being taken fairly easily before we even hit Avengers: Infinity War. As a result, I would be willing to guess that the big purple guy is in possession of at least one stone prior to the 2018 film.

Giving him more than one prior to the film ma be overkill, as part of the fun will be seeing him collect the stones as the movie moves along. So my final verdict is that Thanos will have the Reality Stone before next May. After destroying Xandar and headed to Earth, it will give the Guardians plenty of reason to follow right behind him (more likely his cronies The Blac Order).

What do you think? Will Thanos be in possession of any of the Infinity Stones before we reach Infinity War? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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