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Men, where are you? Do you feel it is time to bid goodbye to bachelorhood and enter into a new form of life?

If that is the case, then perhaps you are preparing to get married. One thing you need to know is that while marriage is good, at first, it can be a scary thing for men. Of course, you must have heard stories that some individuals are unhappy in their marriage or they are going through a divorce.

It is really one of the hardest times for them! Nonetheless, that should not scare you and make you avoid it altogether.

The good news is that your marriage can be as juicy as you may want if only you make some of the best decisions before walking down the aisle. There are quite a number of things you have to do before that day of saying I do’, which will ultimately increase your chances of happiness and success in the long term.

Here below is a checklist of five of them for men to tick off:

1. Buy yourself a watch: Couples who are about to get married spent much of their time inquiring from others what it takes to have a successful marriage. One of the advice from married women to the unmarried is that they consider a man with a watch! Why? It may sound absurd, but surely it has an inner meaning.

To them, it means a man with a good watch will have time for his woman.

And you know what, the only thing women want is to be given time by their men, which is actually symbolized by having a watch. Now you know what it means by buying yourself a watch before sliding down that golden ring to your woman. Behold, when you are rising up your hand to slide that ring, women present will be looking keenly at your wrist to confirm if you have one!

2. Attend a bachelor party: A bachelor party, also known as stag night, stag party, or even stag weekend is one of the right occasions to do all the dirty things about bachelorhood so that you graduate to marriage life. It is often dubbed as a man’s last freedom before being hitched. You all know what that means!

Good, there are many great destinations for stag weekends, and Amsterdam is just one of them. It features beautiful architecture, parks, and canals; a city that really oozes elegance. Because the city is known for getting naughty, Amsterdam stag weekend will take to the spiffily good cafes, red light district, and excellent nightclubs.

3. Learn to prepare meals: Even if you know that your wife-to-be is a good cook and knows to cook different recipes, remember there comes some time that she may not be able to do so. Perhaps she will be late from work, sick, or anything else that makes unable to cook. What will you do?

Kids are hungry and want something to eat! Man, prepare for that day before you get married. If you don’t know how to cook, it is better you start learning right now. Get down to your kitchen, grasp pans, and pots, and learn how to prepare some healthy, simple, basic meals.

4. Allocate time to visit and know her family: The moment you tie a marriage knot with a woman, by default, you marry her family as well. If your woman is immensely close with her family, perhaps she is the first or the last born, you will be seeing her parents/siblings more often than not in your house.

To some people, this may be annoying, but they are already your family. To avoid such kind of frustrations, it is better to know them well in advance. Allocate time within your busy schedule, visit them during the weekends, do lots of bonding, and all will be well after tying the knot.

5. Get vital information about marriage from married friends: Of course, before saying Yes I Do, it is imperative to have a discussion with a marriage counselor, but that is not always the case. You can get to learn all you need to do or what not to do in a marriage by getting vital information from successful married friends. The moment you tell them that you are about to get married, many of them, those great friends, will offer free advice. This conversation(s) will help you learn more about family life from today’s perspective.

They are indeed many other things you need to do before getting united with your woman, but those explained above are just but a few. Follow these tips to the latter and you can always give yourself one of the best chances of having a long-term and happy marriage. Good luck!

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