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Men: Five Fail-Safe Gift Ideas for Women

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‘Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus’ by John Gray didn’t become a best-selling novel for nothing. For the first time ever, men got to figure out how women’s minds work while, women got an insight into why men act the way they do.

However, despite gathering all that wisdom, men remain a befuddled lot when it comes to buying a gift for the woman they love – be it a mother, sister, wife, or girlfriend. While we agree that every woman – like every man – is different and hence has different tastes, here are five fail-safe gift ideas you could use to delight the ladies you love:

A Pet: An unconventional gift, this is very likely to please a woman not only because it makes for a unique offering, but also because it shows how well you know her. A pet, however, does not always mean a dog or a cat. Adorable as they may be, puppies and kittens aren’t every woman’s favoured pet. A pet could also be a cutesy goldfish, a garrulous parrot, or an introverted rabbit.

Jewellery: Have an enormous budget? Go, right ahead and splurge on the woman you adore. Women, particularly Indian woman, will never tire of the sparkle of jewellery. However, your choice of jewellery depends on who the recipient is going to be. Mothers generally love their gold so jhumkas, necklaces, and bangles should work. Younger women, on the other hand, prefer precious gems such as emeralds and diamonds. If it’s a girlfriend you are about to propose marriage to, remember to select nothing short of a gold or platinum ring.

An Excursion: Psychologists have always maintained that experiences, unlike material gifts, last longer and hence, make for more memorable, enduring gifts. An excursion need not always mean a trip to Rome or Bali. From luxurious excursions on yachts and tours of exotic countries to seemingly ordinary trips such as a one-day trip to Agra to see the Taj Mahal or a long drive at midnight – the type of excursions entirely depends on your budget and most of all, the feelings that go into planning it to make that special lady in your life beam with joy.

Clothing: No woman can ever have enough articles of clothing in her wardrobe! Though one of the most clichéd gifts, this is something guaranteed to bring a smile on any woman’s face. You might do well to notice what items of clothing she prefers the most. Accordingly, you may choose among salwar kameez sets, sarees, or western outfits such as trousers, tops, skirts, dresses, jackets for women, and so on. Don’t forget to give the present with a bunch of flowers; it’ll make the act of giving all the more special.

Accessories: Like clothes, this is a type of present unlikely to fail to impress. Jewellery is a type of accessory but because it usually costs more than regular accessories such as shoes and bags, it hasn’t been clubbed into the accessory section. Footwear for women ranges from minimalist flip-flops to chic boots, so do buy a pair keeping the recipient’s tastes and needs in mind. Bags also cover a wide category that includes hobo bags, satchel bags, duffle bags, clutch purses, and what have you. You could either make a similar addition to her existing bag collection or buy her something entirely different.

That’s gift-giving demystified for you! Just follow this simple guide and you are all set to please mom, sister, girlfriend, or wife.

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