By Chrys-Michel Esseau-Thomas

Summer is coming! And we all know what this means – sun, beach, ladies and a killer style to boost your confidence. It is that time of the year to make up for past mistakes and guarantee better futures.

Here are five ways to make sure you’ll always impress under the sun this summer.

Fifty Shades of Green – Green’s been slowly creeping back up the style game ladder. And it looks great! Avoid the more feminine pastel texture and splurge on the dark olive or light khaki green. And mind the color scheme: darker shades of green go with lighter tones.

Tapered cuffs – This is a way to add more style to your trousers. Roll up your jeans, roll up your chinos and show those ankles. Summer is all about showing skin. Tapered cuffs go well with the classic both shoes.

Nautical Touch – Classic. It’s as simple as that. A strong summer style game cannot be without rocking a striped blue and white shirt, khaki or white pants and boat shoes.

The Cuban Collar – No politics here, we’re talking style. This shirt is reminiscent of the 50s with its open, lapel-like collar. Give up on your Oxford button-downs and embrace the Cuban collar short-sleeved shirt. Don’t go too crazy with it though. Because of its singularity, you’d want to keep it simple and well fitted.

The sunglasses – Of course! This accessory is impossible to bypass for summer. It is a must, the one accessory that makes you more attractive within seconds. Sunglasses should go with the shape of your face. Rounder faces should wear more angular and hard cornered. Rectangular and triangular faces should go for rounder pairs of glasses.

There it is, five ways to look great all summer long. Be creative and be bold, all that with style.