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Men: Important Tips To Prevent Embarrassing Scalp Dandruff!

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The creepiest or embarrassing situation in the life occurs when one gets ready for their big day may be some interview or attending a big gathering and have an itchy scalp in front of all. It doesn’t end here but is followed by a cascade of white flakes dropping on the shoulder creating more trouble. Yes, these white flakes can be a lot of problems when not treated well.

The white flakes or the dandruff is simply the chronic condition which occurs because of the dry or greasy scalp shedding the dead skin cells. Dandruff can be caused due to other several reasons such as sensitivity to hair products, dermatitis, etc. This starts persisting in people of age group from 10-20 and is found in 40% people above the age of 30 years. It is not such problem which cannot be taken care of. There are many organic ways or hair products which are especially designed to keep the problem away. One such example is the well tested ketomac shampoo that has proven results over the years.

Treatment and prevention of dandruff- One can face the problem of dandruff in summers and monsoons as the humidity and moisture lead to excessive sweating resulting in white flakes. This same problem occurs in winters when the air becomes dry leading to the itchy scalp and again “Dandruff”. Thus, the problem stays throughout the year. Getting rid must be taken care as per the age as many products are designed especially like the dandruff shampoo for adults that is designed and works accordingly.

One cannot completely vanish the trouble from life but can take certain prevention and precautions to suppress the same.

  • One way to limit dandruff is to wash hair twice or thrice a week using very mild shampoo as harsh products will again give itchy scalp increasing the problem of dandruff.
  • Use some anti-dandruff shampoo which suits the scalp and gives a reduction to the problem.
  • Another way to keep a check on dandruff is to help keep dandruff under control, reducing the stress levels, or stopping the excessive use of hair products like gels and sprays which are not considered healthy for hair growth and quality. On the other hand, eating a healthy diet can also reduce dandruff.
  • There are many food items like chocolates, sweets, cakes and cookies which must be replaced with healthy and fresh fruits and vegetables as eating healthy means having healthy hair too.
  • In the extremely cold season, one must wear a hat outside in the sun when staying there for long hours. This keeps the scalp away from dry air.
  • Taking the food items which are rich in Vitamin B6 also helps in preventing dandruff.
  • Minimizing the use of hair colors, and straighter, etc resolves the hair problem too.
  • Last but not the least drinking water and keeping oneself hydrated is equally important. One can also massage the scalp with the finger pads in a circular motion to keep the blood circulation right.

Our hair speaks volume about our personality. Keeping a good care is not difficult. Only a few routine activities and a slight change in the lifestyle can help have beautiful and shining hair.

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