When it comes to segregating the global smartphone arena on the basis of growth potential, India continues to feature as a leading player. However, a majority of Indians are still interested in purchasing second hand phones, especially on financial grounds. People out here believe that it is prudent enough to purchase a pre-owned device with a decent specs sheet instead of going forward with a brand new device and compromising on functionality. With brand name and feature sets being two of the most prior considerations, the Indian mobile phone market is still experiencing the second-hand wave which isn’t going to dissipate, anytime soon.

Why Used Mobiles Sell like Hotcakes?

Although affordability is reason for persisting with a used gadget, pre-owned devices also make way for shorter upgrades where the user can purchase multiple devices in a year or two, without having to spend a fortune. There are times when a flagship device, approximately few months old, is sold for half the original price. Instances like these validate the inclination towards used mobiles phones. Moreover, even the seller enjoys the benefits of letting an old device go as he or she can concentrate on a newly launched device and even get a good deal on the used one.

It is easily noticeable that brands like Apple and Samsung are getting the most attention in this second hand mobile phone market. Moreover, customers who have previously used feature phones and other basic handsets are more interested in experiencing the diversities of high-end smartphones. Used mobile for sale is certainly a segment that’s competing neck to neck with the new smartphones with both complementing each other on a certain level.

Where to Get Used and Pre-Owned Devices?

Previously, individuals could only purchase used mobile phones from unregulated retail market. However, several online stores have recently come up, including the likes of Togofogo, making it easier for the enthusiasts to get hold of pre-owned devices at competitive rates. The market dealing in used mobile for sale can be further segregated into two parts i.e. local retail market and the refurbished arena that deals in pre-owned devices. While both these markets have online and offline versions, at present the refurbished arena is gathering the most amount of attention. Refurbished handsets are the ones which are resold after correcting minor manufacturing and other issues related to the device. Most importantly, these gadgets come with warranties and are priced slightly higher as compared to their local counterparts. It is interesting to note that online players like Amazon along with many startups have already invaded the refurbished handset area, similar to OLX which continues to lead the market as the most sought after online local retailer.

Which are the Most Repurchased Smartphone Brands?

Although the used smartphone market is a keenly contested arena, Apple and Samsung are the brands with most buyers. Flagships from these companies are quite costly and therefore a majority of smartphone enthusiasts prefer purchasing second hand devices for getting the job done. In addition to these known brands, companies like OnePlus, Xiaomi, and Motorola are also seeing a steady growth in terms of repurchases.

Are there any Downsides?

While it is quite tempting to purchase a second hand device for a competitive price point, there are certain considerations which need to be kept in mind before going ahead with the purchase. Firstly, a customer, if and when purchasing devices via local, offline retailers, must ask for a warranty of sorts. Even a seven day warranty is enough to identify minor device flaws. Customers must also be wary of excruciatingly low prices as there are times when a dud is handed over instead of the original device. Lastly, one must also be skeptical of malware proliferation and second hand devices shouldn’t be used primarily to store highly sensitive and confidential data.


Although the enviable growth of the second hand smartphone market seems to have negatively impacted the OEMs and company sales, the long term impacts will certainly be on the positive side. It must be understood that individuals purchasing used mobile phones are in a way opening up newer opportunities for those who prefer upgrading whenever there is a new flagship in the market. Therefore, increased sale of pre-owned devices is slowly but steadily amplifying the popularity of high-end smartphones and related OEMs. People can also go ahead to sell used mobile phone online. However, there are many options available to perform this function or task. So, act it sensibly in the market.

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