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Men: Top Foods You Should Eat If You Have Erectile Dysfunction


March 20, 2017

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Being able to achieve an erection that is hard enough for penetration is vital if you want to have sexual intercourse. Maintaining the hard erection during sex is also a vital part of having a healthy sex life. While the ability to achieve and maintain such an erection comes naturally to most men, some do find that they are having some trouble when it comes to their performance in the bedroom – especially those that have reached the age of 40.

According to Cleveland Clinic, approximately 40% of men experiences issues with their erectile function by the age of 40. This rate elevates to 70% in men who reaches the age of 70 and continues to increase with age. Not being able to have “normal” sex can cause a man to feel depressed and even lead to self-esteem problems. It may also result in relationship problems if an emphasis has been put upon the sexual habits of the two partners.

Conventional Treatments For Erectile Dysfunction.

When a man experiences reduced performance in the bed due to problems with his erection, then he may be suffering from erectile dysfunction. This condition often signals the development of an underlying disease, but can also be the result of depression and other mental health concerns. WebMD reports that this sexual disorder is often an early sign of heart disease. News Max explains that, apart from heart disease, erectile dysfunction can also be a sign of diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Even though the problem may signal an underlying cause, men often want to obtain a remedy that will work immediately to help them gain back their normal sexual function. Thus, a doctor will often prescribe some sort of medication for a man that experiences these symptoms.

Some common side-effects may include headaches and flushing, as well as an upset stomach, changes in your vision, dizziness and lightheadedness. In more severe cases, pain, accompanied by vomiting and fainting, may also be experienced.

Natural Solutions For Erectile Dysfunction

Since the side-effects of various drugs that are used to treat erectile dysfunction can be harmful to the wellbeing of the human body, many people prefer to opt for natural remedies that will help them gain similar results but without the adverse effects. When a person considers natural solutions, they should aim for foods that can provide them with two essential functions – boost circulation and increase libido.

By including more foods that possess these abilities in their daily diet, a man can not only experience better and harder erections, but also an elevated sex drive. These are the most common foods, nutrients and herbs that are recommended for men who are looking for a natural way to overcome erectile dysfunction:

  • Oysters – Oysters are probably one of the oldest and most recommended food types for men. It is often associated with better sexual performance as it has powerful agents that act as an aphrodisiac in the male body. This boosts the man’s sexual desire, which also has a positive effect on the firmness of his erection. Oysters are also rich in Zinc, which plays a vital role in the production of testosterone, the main sex hormone that is present in the male body.


  • Watermelon – These fruits are rich in phytonutrients, which is known to possess powerful antioxidant properties. By loading the male body with antioxidants, heart vessels can relax and supply more blood to the penis. Since blood is what causes an erection to become hard, the increased volume of blood results in an erection that is firmer than before.


  • Spinach – While spinach is mostly known for its high protein content, the vegetable is also rich in magnesium. This mineral helps to reduce inflammation that may be present in blood vessels, which causes more blood to rush to the penis when an erection occurs. Spinach is also an excellent weight loss tool, which will boost a person’s self-confidence and lead to a higher sex drive.


  • Pomegranates – Pomegranates are also high in antioxidants that help to reduce damage to the walls of blood vessels and causes blood circulation throughout the body (and to the penis) to increase.


  • Maca Root – Maca has become a very interested subject among men with erectile dysfunction and a low libido. The plant root extract contains many nutrients, fatty acids, minerals and amino acids. These natural compounds can increase libido, boost blood flow and may even lead to a harder erection. Natural News explain that Maca not only treats erectile dysfunction but also relieves the symptoms of various other sexual dysfunctions.


  • Other powerful erection boosting foods, as reported by Eat This, include carrots, celery, eggs, shitake mushrooms, muira puama, blue mussels and goji berries.


Experiencing the symptoms that are related to erectile dysfunction can be shocking, inconvenient and cause problems in your sex life. In some cases, it may even completely stop you from having sexual intercourse at all. Treating the problem when it starts is essential and can be easily done through the use of medication or natural compounds that has similar effects in the body as the medication that is often used. As an alternative to medication, herbal supplements, such as Virectin, can also be used to provide the body with essential circulation-boosting ingredients that also has aphrodisiac properties.

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