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8/11/01 DENVER POST PHOTO BY CYRUS MCCRIMMON Just after the gates opened at 5:30pm for the Eagles concert at the new Mile High stadium some of the first fans started filling the seats in the upper bowl with the Denver Broncos logo. (Photo By Cyrus McCrimmon/The Denver Post via Getty Images)
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The 2016 season for the Denver Broncos was one of questions. How well would Trevor Siemian perform? Can the defense keep them in games? After a 9-7 record and third place finish in the AFC West, we answered those questions. What does 2017 have in store? Will The Broncos compete in the AFC West? They need a few pieces to complete that puzzle. They might be able to find them in 2017 NFL Draft. Round One Pick 20 Cam Robinson – Tackle (Alabama) 6’6” 322lbs The story of the Denver Broncos offense in 2016 was not Trevor Siemian. However, it was more about the crappy play of their offensive line. They spent big money last year on Russell Okung and Donald Stephenson. Yet, they struggled all year in this department. Drafting a big tackle, as Cam Robinson would help solidify their o-line. He is a forceful protector who gets into his opponent with power. Robinson is very light on his feet. This allows him to get to the second level with ease. If Denver is going to focus on a power run game, Robinson should be in their plans at 20. He does have some weakness in the passing game. Similarly, where he is light on his feet in the run he is not with the pass. He often finds himself on the ground a little more than a tackle should be. Therefore, he will need some schooling on his pass pro skills. In any case, If Cam Robinson is there at 20, the Denver Broncos should pick him up. Round Two Pick 51 Jarron Jones – D-Tackle (Notre Dame) 6’6” 316lbs Runs between the tackles tore the Denver Broncos defense to shred in 2016. They went from the best defense in 2015 to one of the worst in 2016. That is because they lacked size in the middle. In 2015, they had DT Malik Jackson. He bolted for the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2016. That left a large hole to fill in the middle. Something that Sylvester Williams was not up to task on. Hence, why the Denver Broncos should bring in Jarron Jones. Jones is a massive man. Not only is he massive, but he is athletic. Strangely enough, he is a former high school basketball player. He has arms like an octopus. Above all Jarron Jones can be a troublesome force on either side of the LOS. [Sean] Round Three Pick 82 Ben Boulware – LB (Clemson) 6’0” 238lbs Boulware is a former team captain at Clemson. He can step right into a leadership role on the team. Yes, even after being a third round selection. In this draft, there is depth and starting depth at this position. Boulware has good coverage instincts and can read the QBs intentions. He has 14 defended passes in his career. He can also add some needed coverage as a special teamer. Ben Boulware is somewhat on the smaller size. For this reason, the bigger lineman can easily take him out. He also lacks lateral quickness when it comes to mirroring the RB. Therefore, these qualities could drop his stock. He also bites easily on hard play action. He is not quick enough to drop back after this bite. Round Three Pick 101 Pharaoh Brown – TE (Oregon) 6’6” 255lbs Adding a large target like Brown would play to the advantage of the Denver Broncos. For instance, he can play on the LOS, in the slot, or the H-Back position. Moreover, his feet are nimble enough to be able to get to outside blocks. Above all, Brown would be an exception target on the goal line. As a result, of his size, he could post up defenders. Brown does come with a little baggage that the Denver Broncos may have to look into further. There were reports of two fights with teammates and a DV incident. The police cleared Brown of the DV incident when the girlfriend determined to be the aggressor. Pharaoh Brown also has the dropsies. In fact, he posted a double-digit drop rate in every season he played with Oregon. Presently, this is going to be an issue moving forward. Consequently, he will need to work hard at blocking and on his hands if he wants to stay on a roster. The Denver Broncos have pieces in place. They are looking to get back to that form of 2015. John Elway could get his team back there with a solid draft. Maybe a couple of these might help.  

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