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Men: Why We Cannot Resist The Little Black Dress

As a man, there are certain visual stimuli that we simply CANNOT resist.

Call it primal instinct or whatever fancy word you wish to use, but things such as the sight of Victoria’s Secret-worthy sun-kissed women lying on the beach half-naked in g-strings and thongs, the smell—and taste—of an entirely cooked well-done steak, smoking the finest Cuban cigar or the urge to one-up your rival in fantasy football, you get the drift of where I am going right?

Whether it is covertly shopping for online for lingerie, casually sneaking a peek at your significant other’s newest copy of Cosmo or losing $3,000 at a Las Vegas casino, there are simply some things that men cannot help but do instinctively.

There is one thing, that has immediately caught men’s attention for seemingly forever, mesmerized any—and every guy–that has had the pleasure of averting his gaze on.

The little black dress. Also simply known as LBD, perhaps the three sexiest letters and acronym in the entire English language.

Little. Black. Dress. To paraphrase legendary fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, a woman is never over or underdressed in one.

How is it that one simple piece of cloth, first designed by Coco Chanel in the 1920’s, and popularized by some of Hollywood’s most iconic leading ladies such as Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast in Tiffany’s and Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, has single-handily helped create a whole industry of orthopedists due to the generations of men sneaking a glimmer of the mysterious and alluring women who have worn it.

No single piece of cloth has self-written its own rule as succinctly as stated in countless fashion periodicals as being the go-to wardrobe essential for countless generations of women.

What is it about the little black dress, that us men just love and cannot get enough of seeing our number one woman in—and preferably out—of one?

Is it the inviting, sexy and mysterious allure of what’s underneath?

Is it how the dress snuggly accentuates the curves and contours of the female body? Is it just how it makes your woman instantly look like the aforementioned glamour girls of yesteryear?

Coming from a happily married man to my fellow brothers, there is NOTHING sexier to than the sight of your lover, significant other, side piece or whatever in one. Just saying.

There’s a reason why modern-day female style icon, Sarah Jessica Parker—forever and better known as Carrie Bradshaw to your girlfriend, and also the reason for her ever-expanding collection of high heels and platform pumps—of Sex In The City fame, is designing her own line of LBD’s for Bloomingdale’s, called the SJP Collection

Want more? Did you see the lovely and sexy Jennifer Connelly on Jimmy Kimmel recently showing off her slinky and oh-so-fine figure in one?

You’re welcome, fellas!


So to my fellow brothers, whether it is playing an intense one-on-one daily fantasy football game, surfing Bleacher Report for updates on your favorite team or playing a game of Madden, drop what you are doing and take care of that special lady in getting her an LBD to add to her wardrobe this season.

Trust me she WILL thank you for it now, and YOU will thank me for it later.






Robert D. Cobb
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