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Fashion: Hottest lipstick, makeup and accessories to try this winter


October 17, 2016

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With winter just around the corner, it is only normal you should be interested in current trends.

Well, we have done the research and now we are proud to present the hottest lipstick choices, as well as makeup ideas and unique accessories for the upcoming winter season.

Enjoy yourself while reading this article and do not hesitate to organize your shopping list, in accordance to our suggestions.

#1 Bright red lipstick

This winter will be a season of bright colors and beautiful contrasts. Imagine yourself dressed in an elegant outfit, wearing a bright red lipstick. This will create a perfect contrast with the white snow, allowing you to look better than ever.

Keep in mind that the bright red lipstick is best paired with a simple, black cat eye and only the slightest amount of blush. It is amazing how popular red lipstick actually is, despite always being presented as a classic choice.

#2 Best eye cream against winter dryness

The drop in temperatures can affect your skin, causing it to become dry and dull. If you want to protect your skin against such changes, it is recommended to choose the best eye cream out there.

You can go for an eye cream that contains hyaluronic acid, as this will hydrate the skin and prevent moisture loss at the same time. Eye creams that contain hyaluronic acid are popular nowadays, for all the right reasons, so you should go ahead and give them a try as well.

#3 Sunscreen

You might not expect sunscreen to be among the products recommended for the winter season but the truth is that it is more important than you might think. Sunscreen has to be worn all year round, including during the winter, in order to protect the skin from the damage done by the UV rays. Sunscreen lotions with protection against both UVA and UVB are popular this season.

You can also decide to purchase moisturizer with integrated SPF factor.

#4 Silicone primer

Your makeup routine can help you look fantastic, provided that you follow the right steps. You need to apply moisturizer first and then move on to the silicone primer, as this product will help you make wrinkles and fine lines less visible.

The silicone primer is one of the most popular choices for a lot of women, as it makes the signs of aging appear softer. The silicone base offers a big advantage, as it fills in wrinkles and fine lines, taking years off your face.

#5 Humidifier

Perhaps this is one of the most essential winter accessories to consider this season. The humidifier is recommended to be kept in the room where you are sleeping, preventing the air from becoming dry.

Whether you are aware of this for a fact or not, this will have a positive effect on your skin, keeping it moisturized and soft. If the air in your house is too dry, this can lead to an aged and tired aspect of the skin.

#6 Anti-aging skin cream

The anti-aging skin cream is one of the must-have products of this season, especially for women who are in their 30s or 40s. This product can help one minimize the signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles.

Moreover, it can prevent new wrinkles from forming, keeping the skin around the eyes hydrated. We recommend using Ombia Derma, an anti-aging product which promises to work on both fine lines and wrinkles.

Such products contain natural ingredients, capable of making your skin more beautiful, soft and supple.

These are some of the hottest products you should be using this winter season. As you have seen for yourself, it is highly important to hydrate your skin, in order to prevent it from becoming dry during the cold season.

You might also want to wear sunscreen, so as to reduce the damage done by UVB rays and also the risk of skin cancer (due to UVA exposure). It is essential to drink plenty of water, in order to hydrate the skin from within.

At the same time, you need to include plenty of fresh fruits and veggies in your diet, as this will nourish the skin to perfection.

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Author Bio : Annie Lizstan works as a health and beauty consultant for online websites and an independent researcher by profession. She had completed her studies from The University of Arizona and lives in Wasilla, Alaska.

She always like to explore her ideas about health, fitness and beauty. In her recent period, she got an opportunity to explore Glozine lifestyle news .  You can also connect with her on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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