Mitchell Trubisky Player Profile
Mitchell Trubisky - Quarterback, North Carolina

When it comes to the NFL Draft good QBs are a hard to come by. In all honesty, this year’s quarterback does not breed a true day 1 starter. The player rated at the top of this class is Mitchell Trubisky. The one-year starter out of North Carolina could be the first quarterback off the board.

Does Trubisky have the intangibles to be a day one starter? What team will take him off the board?

We will look at the strengths and weaknesses of Mitchell Trubisky. Then at the end, target a few teams where Trubisky may land.


Mitchell Trubisky comes in at 6’2”. He also weighs 225 lbs. He has the physical traits to play the position. Trubisky is big enough to withstand a pocket beating.

Consequently, he is also very mobile in the pocket. His ability to move around the pocket and not look down is innate. Furthermore, if he leaves the pocket he will look to beat you with his arm first.

Trubisky is very good at reading defenses. Actually, his eyes quickly take him through his progression. Similarly, he reads the safety and knows where they are going prior to or immediately after the snap.

Nevertheless, Mitchell Trubisky possesses the everyday intangibles of an NFL QB. Of the top five QBs in this draft, he is the most ready to start day one.


Trubisky is another of the QBs in this draft that needs to work under center. Ninety-plus percent of the snaps that he took where from the gun.

He would also benefit more from a play action or read-option style offense. These offensive styles offer easier throwing windows.

Subsequently, he needs to work on his accuracy. Mitchell Trubisky tends to float his passes. For the same reason, he needs to work on his deep ball. He often leaves the deep ball short, which results in plays by the defense.

Possible Landing Spots

Cleveland Browns (1st and 12th overall), San Francisco 49ers (2nd Overall), New York Jets (6th overall), Arizona Cardinals (13th overall), Washington Redskins (17th overall), New Orleans Saints (32nd overall)

Mitchell Trubisky has a high ceiling. He can be a solid starter from day one. However, he does need some work. Especially coming out from under the center. If he can grasp his footwork, he has the potential to be something special.

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