Let’s goooo Yankees, Go Cuuubs Go, Beat LA, Beat LA. Giiiiants suck, Giiiiants suck!

Sound familiar? That’s right. Those are the chants of a heated rivalry. Make no mistake baseball fans all around the country have their preferences on which baseball team they bleed. We can sit here and name at least 20 so called rivalries but let’s just keep the cream at the top and countdown the top 5.

5. Philadelphia Phillies vs. New York Mets: The battle of the Broads. These two teams have been going at it for over 5 decades. Battling in the NL East, these two teams bring heat to the Eastern seaboard.

Numerous bench clearing brawls in the ’80 couldn’t have ended that decade without the bench clearing brawl in ’89 with Phillies pitcher Roger McDowell and Mets player Gregg Jeffries being at the epicenter. The NL East will continue to thrive on these two teams “Getting Busy” yet again.

4. Chicago Cubs vs. Chicago White Sox: The Windy City has shown love to the Cubbies in the recent years of excellence. Don’t think twice about asking the “South Siders” how they feel about that. They may throw a deep dish pizza pan at you. White Sox fans have a knack for hating the “North Siders” and their team.

The intense battle of the Chicago goes beyond baseball, it’s the battle for pride and bragging rights. Passionate fans of these two teams have a rich history to brag about. From Shoeless Joe Jackson to Kris Bryant, one thing is certain. You either Fly the “W”, or pop the fireworks at US Cellular field. Can’t do both.

3. St. Louis Cardinals vs. Chicago Cubs: The NL Central bad blood continues. This historic rivalry also known as the “Route 66 “ rivalry has given baseball fans in mid America something to brag about. Whether you catch a ball game at Wrigley or dawn your Red at Busch, these two teams or their fans show loyalty.

The hall of fame names that roam through their respective hallways are numerous. From the Cubs Ferguson Jenkins, Ernie Banks and Ron Santo to the Cards Stan Musial, Lou Brock, and Ozzie Smith, the Cubs, Cardinals rivalry will always have that Midwest flavor.

2. Los Angeles Dodgers vs. San Francisco Giants: The West Coast Rivalry is one of the fiercest rivalry in baseball and possibly sports. In a state where it’s so diverse, these two teams and fan bases couldn’t be more different. Whether you bleed Orange and Black in Northern California, or bleed Dodger Blue in Southern California, the NL West foes have taken center stage for decades.

Juan Marichal swinging a bat and clubbing Johnny Roseboro was a sign that these two teams will go to the extreme to beat one another. As the great Jackie Robinson said after he was traded to the Giants , “ I’d Rather Retire than Set Foot In That Clubhouse”. From Willie Mays to Clayton Kershaw, what do you bleed?

1.) New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox: These 2 teams flat out hate each other. The biggest rivalry in baseball gets my vote for biggest rivalry in sports. From the selling of Babe Ruth to the Yankees for 100 bucks, to the “Idiots” of 2004, these two teams have shown pure hatred for each other. The fan base? Where do I start? If you dawn the Red Sox nation Red, or you’re loyal to the Yankee Empire, these fan bases are the best in the world.

Passion runs through each city like a hot cup of Clam Chowder. Or wait, maybe a hot slice of New York Style Pizza.

The Curse of the Bambino held a curse on the Sox Nation for over 100 years. It seemed as if the Red Sox were always inferior to the Bronx Bombers. That curse was finally lifted in 2004 when the Red Sox won the World Series. You either dawn the “B” on your hat or wear the Pinstripes. There is definitely NO in between.

Rivalries live. The Biggest Rivalries live forever.

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