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The New York Yankees want to bring Aroldis Chapman back. We all know this. Aroldis Chapman really enjoyed his time in New York and with the Yankees and many around the league have figured that a return back to the Bronx seemed to be in the works. Chapman has reportedly gone on the record as to being quoted saying, “I want to re-sign with the Yankees. I would love to be a Yankee again,” as per Anthony Rieber of Newsday. With the Yankees re-shaping the roster, several players have been put on the trade block and one already got dealt in Brian McCann, as he was dealt by the Yankees this past week to the Houston Astros for two pitching prospects; they are also looking to deal Chase Headley and Brett Gardner; both deals would free up money for the Yankees payroll. Dealing McCann already helped free up $23 million in payroll over the next two seasons and by dealing McCann, it gives the Yankees even more money to make a strong offer for Chapman who is looking for around $100 million in his next deal. Whether he gets it or not remains to be seen, but baseball experts expect that he will shatter the record for most money given out to a reliever, which at the time, was for Jonathan Papelbon when he signed a four-year, $50 million deal with the Philadelphia Phillies several years ago. The Yankees weren’t the only team linked with interest to Chapman, as the Los Angeles Dodgers have had interest and the San Francisco Giants have already met with Chapman when free agency started, but have yet to make an offer. Even with the Dodgers and Giants interested in Chapman, everyone has gone under the impression that the Yankees have remained the front runners and favorites to get Chapman back. During Chapman’s domestic dispute case in the winter, the Dodgers had a trade set with the Cincinnati Reds to land Chapman, but once the news came out of the incident, they backed out; something Chapman probably hasn’t forgotten about. The Yankees though, continued to pursue a trade and because the Reds wanted to dump him, were given a very reasonable deal, but regardless of the trade, the Yankees still took him on and treated him very well; something Chapman hasn’t forgotten. Chapman has gone on record stating how wonderful the fans were to him in his three-month stint in New York and also mentioned how well the Yankees organization treated him in general, something that comes as no surprise because the Yankees are usually all about professionalism and treating athletes with the up-most respect. That three-month stay for Chapman clearly has left an impression on him as he looks for his payday; something the Yankees want to do and have clearly made a priority this winter. It ultimately seems like it’s only a matter of time before the Yankees and Chapman come to an agreement on a new deal that will keep him in New York for the next couple of years. Again, Chapman likes it in New York and the Yankees want him back. All that’s left is finding a dollar figure to agree on and for Chapman to put his name on a contract for the Yankees.

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