It’s about time Kevin Owens gets traded to Smackdown Live.

While RAW is considered the “A” show, it’s SD Live that fans consider the best. And with the addition of KO, it can finally take its place as the WWE’s top show.

Owens was first introduced to the main roster with a John Cena feud. Not only did Owens face Cena, he beat Cena.

This usually doesn’t happen, as many have lost to Cena due to backstage politics. Normally he doesn’t put talent over. However,it appears Owens was different.

As Owens gained momentum on RAW, he suddenly became more stale. The Universal Title turned him into a cowardly heel. That’s not the character of Kevin Owens at all.

In NXT, he was a bad ass, beating other superstars into mercy. It wasn’t until his feud with Roman Reigns that we saw the real Kevin Owens emerge once more.

After putting Reigns through a table at the conclusion of Monday Night RAW, he seemed to be getting on track. A feud with Goldberg, and a devastating betrayal of Chris Jericho, made KO seem a lot more like himself.

Now, with the US title in hand, Owens will look to dominate the Smackdown Live main event scene. After A.J. Styles won the number one contender battle royal for Owens U.S. title belt. As a result, we’ve got ourselves a Owens vs. Styles match up.

While Styles carried Smackdown Live during the first year and a half, it appears he will be becoming face. This leaves Owens as the marquee heel on Smackdown. It’s possible after his feud with Styles concludes we could see him in the WWE title picture.

Similar to the Miz, Owens carries one of WWE’s secondary belts. Regardless if Owens gets a shot at the WWE title, the booking of Smackdown Live is far superior than that of RAW. We could see Owens play the Miz type of role on SD Live.

Coming from Ring of Honor, Owens was always a decorated wrestler. His time on the indie scene is what got him to the WWE.

His in-ring work is far superior, especially his matches with John Cena. Mic work far exceeds that of other WWE superstars, evident by his Chris Jericho/Goldberg promo to open up a RAW a few weeks before Fastlane.

Fans really do like Kevin Owens. He’s one of the most over wrestlers the company has, especially now that he’s been given the proper push.

I’ll admit that after he won the Universal title, it was a bit hard to watch, as he didn’t have the same characteristics of a top heel.

It now seems the WWE has gotten it right with Kevin Owens. They’ve got a good thing going with him on Smackdown Live. Let’s hope they don’t drop the ball again.

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