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Movies: Logan Lerman on the brink of A-list status

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There are a collection of brilliant Hollywood actors that have yet to hit A-List status. One example is Logan Lerman, who despite having a great collection of films, has yet to establish a following.

At 24 years of age, Lerman is still quite young. Although, his film catalog is quite varied for someone that has yet to reach his acting prime. Many know Lerman from the moderately successful Percy Jackson series of films. It was the first film of the franchise, The Lightning Thief, which proved to be his big break in the business.

What followed Percy Jackson was a varied collection of projects which included The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Noah, and Fury. All three films were different from each other and did an outstanding job at showcasing Lemans acting ability.

Lerman has been known to be a film geek, one that studies the art of film and enjoys every aspect of the cinematic world. He had a passion for acting at a young age. You can tell Lerman loves what he does; there isn’t a bad performance on his acting resume.

Lerman’s newest film, Indignation, was one of the highlights of the 2016 Sundance Film Festival. Critics like David Rooney of the Hollywood Reporter, praised Lerman in the movie, as he wrote the following during a review of the picture.

“But the terrific Lerman, who appears in nearly every scene and holds your gaze throughout, is the film’s quiet revelation. He gives a performance of tremendous focus, maturity and depth of feeling, with exciting flashes of the umbrage that give the film its title.”

Rooney isn’t the only critic with glowing reviews of Lerman. He’s been receiving praise for quite some time. Unfortunately, the movie going crowd has yet to embrace him as an A-List star. However, with a quality collection of projects in the pipeline, Logan Lerman will evolve into a dominant Hollywood attraction.

We must remember that Logan Lerman is still only 24, a very young age in Hollywood. We’ve seen what he can do with just about every film, whether it be drama, action, romance, and even a little bit of comedy. There isn’t a role Lerman can’t pull off. And that’s the sign of a great actor.

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