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Movies: Will San Andreas Send Alexandra Daddario To New Heights?

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It’s pretty safe to say that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. His commitment to acting over the better part of the last decade has far exceeded the expectations of many critics and movie aficionados.

His newest film, San Andreas, is looking to continue his trend of success.

While Johnson is the main attraction to the film, co-star Alexandra Daddario will look to make a name for herself acting alongside the accomplished action star.

While many are up to date on her acting career, which included a role in the acclaimed Percy Jackson series, San Andreas will be Dadarrio’s first major Hollywood summer blockbuster.

Dadarrio’s character in San Andreas is not unlike anything she has done in the past. When speaking to showbiz junkies, Daddario’s description of her character  sounds incredibly similar to that of Annabeth from the Percy Jackson series.

“I think she is very strong and becomes stronger throughout the movie because you have these moments of vulnerability and fear, but you also have had to survive and find those moments of strength.”

Dadarrio’s ability to play a strong female lead has made her one the hottest up and comers in all of Hollywood. In fact, she already has quite the following, especially from co-star Ioan Gruffudd, whose five-year-old daughter might lay claim as Dadarrio’s biggest fan.

“Our daughter fell so much in love with her that when Ella was leaving, she went down on her hands and knees and started fanning,” Gruffudd’s wife told the Stalbans Review. “She was absolutely besotted.”

While San Andreas will add another quality film to Dwayne Johnson’s acting resume, it might be Alexandria Daddario that benefits the most.

With San Andreas releasing during the peak of the summer movie season many casual movie goers will be witnessing Daddarrio for the first time. This will open the flood gates for a much more diverse fan base that normally wouldn’t be exposed to her previous films, such as Percy Jackson.

If San Andreas is a box office smash, then it’s likely Daddario will finally take the next step in her motion picture career. You never know she might even become a bigger draw than Dwayne Johnson.


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