hygiene tips for hookup

Hookups are an easy way to satisfy carnal cravings. As society becomes more accepting and open, couples, men and women seek out hookups with an understanding. The understanding that getting together is only for sex and nothing else. People may not have time or the patience to invest in a relationship. Plus, relationships are hard work and messy. One may be ready for the intricacies of a relationship at some point in life, but for now, you have your dreams to chase. But the physical need stays and sometimes, in order to feel good, a hookup may help. Here are some hygiene tips for hookup sex.

Personal hygiene

Make sure your personal hygiene is at acceptable levels. This is a necessity, not just for hookups, but for general socializing as well. Take a shower, use a deodorant, make sure there is no dirt under your nails, or food stuck on your teeth. The first impression can make a lot of difference. A clean and nice smelling person has better chances of pleasurable sex than someone who looks like they just got out of bed and came over. You will look more appealing if you are clean looking and well mannered. If you feel uncomfortable with some posture, ask your partner for a sex position pillow which makes you feel cozier.


One of the most important things for a hookup is protection. Most people use condoms as it is the easiest to use and easiest to get. Moreover, it can promote hygiene for couples engaged in sex. It can prevent semen from splashing at multiple places and keep things less messy. If things are less messy, then it can enhance the cleanliness in genital areas as well as common spaces, wherever you have had sex.

Wash up

Wash your privates to maintain hygiene. If you are a man then you may want to wash up before you expect the lady to go down on you. Because if you are not fresh then the woman may have an unpleasant experience while doing blowjob. Gagging may also happen if you are less than fresh and you would want a good, pleasant sexual experience. If you are a woman then, do wash up post sex. Use warm clean water to clean the genital area. Do not douche as it can affect the maintenance of healthy bacteria.

Clear up the bladder

After you have had sex, you can take a leak in the bathroom. Peeing will help clear out the channel for both men and women. If there are some unhealthy bacteria in your channel, it will clear out when you take a pee break. Once you have had sex and have had some cuddling time, do go to the bathroom if you feel like peeing.

Clean up

If you have met up at your house or personal domain, then you must clean the space. Wash your hands properly because you have touched each other’s intimate areas. You can use cleaning wipes if there is cum on certain spots, depending on where you have had sex. Cleaning up if the last act as you will be living in that space and would want it to be squeaky clean.

If you maintain these hygiene tips for hookup, the date will go smooth and you will come out without any unwanted risks.

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