Ms. X: Tips to Make Your Love Life More Romantic

Having a good and robust love life is an added benefit in life. It seems that people who have romance in life are more content. At least if you are in a relationship, then romance and happiness are important. Otherwise, it can become a burden. Romance adds positive feelings in […]

Ms. X: Tips for Men to have a Well Organized One Night Stand

well organized one night stand

If you are looking for pleasure quickly then there is a list of suggestions you could try – masturbation, cam sex, sex doll and a one night stand. Now, a one night stand, one a could argue takes time, but it is definitely faster than going into a relationship. There […]

Ms. X : Who Needs Sexual Release more often- Men or Women?

sexual release

Sexual desire is a common feeling in humans and it is a state of interest in sexual desires, activities or objects. It is an aspect of sexuality and is a common sexual event in the lives of women and men. Sexual desire can occur as a response or can be […]

Ms. X : How Important is Bathroom Sex for a Couple?

bathroom sex

Sex is an important act for couples as it is believed to build a bond and intimacy. These are necessary to keep a relationship going. Now having sex all the time in the same place can get boring, especially if you have been together for a good amount of time. […]

Ms. X: 5 Ways to Satisfy your Kinky Sexual Desires

kinky sexual desires

Sexual fetishes and desires are quite common and most people have experimented with one or more kinky sexual desires or acts. This is also known as unusual or unconventional sexual interest and can range from feet fetish to dirt. Fetishes have been evolving and over the years they have been […]

Ms. X : 5 Seductive Places to Lick on a Woman’s Body

seductive places to lick

Licking and kissing are a good way of showing affection, which is kind of sexual. It is good for couples to experience such kind of intimacy and is a great starter for foreplay. You can lick a woman in certain places to get her excited or even get her to […]

Ms. X : How to Give the Best Orgasm to your Lady Partner?

give the best orgasm

An orgasm is like an intense and pleasurable feeling that courses through the human body when one is indulging in sexual activities. However, we must understand that not all people indulging in sex or such activities find an orgasm. The number of women who don’t reach an orgasm is surprisingly […]

Ms. X : 5 Ways a Woman Controls her Sexual Excitement

sexual excitement

Women have equal sexual drive as men. Although, they are better at controlling it. Men are more expressive about these things and they usually give in to their temptations. On the other hand, women can control it better and they usually avoid talking about the same as well. However, there […]

Ms. X : Why some Women Feel Foreplay is much better than Penetrative Sex

penetrative sex

Ah, the good old topic of why women like foreplay so much. This topic is quite close to me as I am one of those. From all the experiences I have had, I have seen that penetrative sex doesn’t always get me there. But foreplay – making out, touching, spanking, […]

Ms. X : How Men and Women can get Quick Solo Sexual Pleasure?

quick solo sexual pleasure

Trying to get quick solo sexual pleasure can be a good practice in certain situations. Especially now with the pandemic, solo pleasure is your best bet. Plus, sometimes you don’t have enough time to find a partner for sexual release. And self pleasure is a great way to get release […]