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Sex is a basic need for human beings and today more are willing to explore their boundaries for better satisfaction. Sex isn’t just about vanilla anymore, it is also about chocolate, matcha and cookies and cream. Vanilla, although good, can become boring after a while and maybe if you try matcha ice cream, you will like it. It is about experimenting and trying. It may sound weird that I am talking about ice cream flavors but it is just to show that just like there is variety in it, sex also has a lot of variety. You can experiment and see what you like better, or not, if you don’t like it after a trial. Swapping a partner for sex is one such variety in a sexual relationship.

Swapping partners isn’t as uncommon as you think and there is a term for it too – swingers. Catering to this demand, a lot of swingers’ clubs have popped up that allow couples to engage with discretion and without hassle. Swingers often exchange partners and like being in a nonexclusive relationship. It is consensual and both partners are aware of it and accept it. If the partners don’t know about it, then it is cheating. So, we must be clear about what swinging is.

Why do people engage in swapping?

Couples engage in swapping with a free mind because they are looking for new experiences that can make sexual satisfaction better. Some claim that this experience has saved their marriage! Swapping sex partners is exciting and it can stimulate your libido to enjoy better sex. There are various ways to go about it – you can have sex with someone else in front of your partner while he watches, you both can have sex with someone as you both watch each other or you can have sex with others separately, provided you know what your partner is doing.

Steps for trying swapping


Discussion is the first step when you are exploring anything. It is crucial to be transparent about your desires and the reasons for them. Both of you must be comfortable and secure enough to go ahead with swapping and talking it out is the first step.

Start slow

Do not rush into anything. You may have discussed swapping, but it may take some time to fully digest what these actions will mean for the both of you. Test out the act and it is better to go in with a lot of hesitation than just trampling in.


If you are opening up your relationship to let others come into the sexual aspect of it, you need to decide the boundaries. You must be in agreement a 100% otherwise, it can impact your normal day to day life.

Things to keep in mind

When you are going to try partner swapping, it is important to keep certain things in mind.

  • Think about how you would feel when your partner is being pleasured by someone else. How would you feel? Would you feel ok if someone touches you while your partner watches?
  • Sex life apart, will this change how your relationship works? Will everything be ok at home, where you both are equal partners?
  • Will swapping impact your emotional connection? Sex is an important way two people connect with each other and this is how relationships last long. But will this remain the same when you are swapping?

I cannot say that swapping your partner is a good idea or not, just like I cannot comment if homosexual relationships are right or not. Everyone has a right to live by their choices and what works for me may not work for you. But as long as no one is hurt, and you are enjoying the experience, I’d say go for it.

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