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Music: Faith No More Debuts “Superhero” Exclusively On Marvel.Com (VIDEO)

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It has been 18 very long (and for fans, somewhat excruciating) years since Faith No More released their last album, Album of the Year. However, May 19th will mark the glorious return of Faith No More with their new studio album, Sol Invictus.

But today they have given fans and Marvel the gift of the first new single, titled Superhero, by releasing it exclusively at Marvel.com.

The usual suspects of Mike Patton (vocals), Roddy Bottum (keyboards), Billy Gould (bass), and Mike Borden (drums) are back for this new album. This time around they are without Jim Martin, whose duties on guitar have been taken over by Jon Hudson. Yet, upon first hearing the new song, any trepidation about Martin’s absence was quickly fleeting. The sound is very reminiscent of the days of The Real Thing and Angel Dust.

This is not the reinvention of a band who has been away for nearly two decades. Instead, this is a band coming back and doing precisely what they have always done best.

Why exactly is Faith No More releasing the single exclusively at Marvel.com? Aside from the fact that the song’s title is Superhero, the members of the band are long time fans of Marvel Comics. In an interview featured at Marvel.com, bassist Billy Gould cited Jack Kirby’s art and specifically the Silver Surfer as his favorites at Marvel.

Perhaps this will just be the beginning of Faith No More’s involvement with Marvel, and perhaps fans can look forward to selected songs off the album being featured in movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.



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