Few days back I came to know about Lux Bling Jewels from the internet. I visited the website and found some awesome collections of jewelry. I felt interested in them as I am a jewelry lover. Among all types of jewelry I love the pendants most and today I am going to share the top 5 pendants as per my choice from Lux Bling Jewel online store.

Why I love pendants?

I love pendants rather than necklaces. Pendants are simple yet glow and take attraction of its lovers. Moreover, there is a wide variety of pendants. I can choose the type of metal, stone, etc. So, I love the pendant most in the midst of all kinds of jewelry I generally wear.

Top 5 Pendants as per my choice

They call it teardrop pendant, but I call it as waterdrop pendant. Cubic Zirconia has been set up on channel settings. The metal is Rhodium plated which gives it a shiny look.  Overall it looks elegant on any skin complexion as it shines and is different from usual pendants.

I love Zirconia and butterfly. This pendant is a perfect combination of both of Zirconia and butterfly. The zirconia with a side view of a flying butterfly makes this pendant different. Moreover, when I am in a butterfly mood(good mood to love, fly,and sing!!) this pendant will be the best choice for me, obviously.


I would choose this pendant when I would take simple makeup and for usual use. The design seems to be unique with a 7 mm 1.28ct sized stone placed nicely almost in the middle.


Again a Zirconia pendant!! Zirconia is arranged in circular loops with stones placed in the middle. Moreover, it has a very high-quality Rhodium finish. Everyone knows Rohodium is close to Platinum and as the Rhodium finish is of high quality it gives Platinum like glow.

I love this pendant as it is colorful. For lustrous ceremonies, I would prefer wearing them. It has a holiday look, the stones are of round cut and arranged in a circular manner. The Rhodium finish is of high quality, another reason for keeping this on my bucket list.


Already mentioned, I am a pendant lover. I love different colors and styles for different occasions. Lux bling Jewel’s pendants are enough to fulfill my needs for all occasions. As I can trust them for the quality of the jewelry, I often choose them for doing my shopping of jewelry.

I shared only 5 of my most favorite pendants. But I love many more.  I hope to share with you the others I like and love in the future.

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