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NBA Free Agency Rumors: Knicks Showing Interest In Gordon and Turner

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With NBA Free Agency in full swing there are bound to be be rumors swirling around. With the New York Knicks making major offseason moves they have found themselves at the center of attention, not only from fans but NBA players as well.

The latest has the Knicks showing interest in two possible suitors at the SG position. One is the perimeter sniper in Eric Gordon and the other is the do-it-all Boston Celtic, Evan Turner. But who will be the better fit for the Knicks?

With Rose on board he convinced former teammate, Joakim Noah is sign with the Knicks and now he might be teamed with another former mate in Gordon. Gordon and Rose played AAU ball together in their High School days. If chemistry is what the Knicks are seeking they might have found it in the trio of Rose, Noah and Gordon.

If the Knicks were to go another route and choose Turner they will get a player that has been durable throughout his career as he has begun to shed the bust stigma that has dogged him since being the 2nd overall pick of the Philadelphia 76ers. Turner has played a huge role in the resurgence of Celtics basketball the last two seasons.

The Knicks may not need another scorer, and while Gordon can light it up he has dealt with injury issues during his career.

Turner may be the best fit as he will provide the Knicks with solid perimeter defense, rebounding, passing, plus can offer backup minutes to Rose as he is well equipped to handle the PG position.

My guess is the Knicks will go with Turner.

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