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NBA Rumors: Miami Heat’s Chris Bosh close to being cleared, but should he retire instead?

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According to NBA Rumors the Miami Heat are close to clearing Chris Bosh to resume basketball activities making way for his return to the NBA likely this season. But is it wise? Bosh is a spectacular player and the Heat could sure his veteran leadership, especially with Dwyane Wade now in Chicago. With two recent health scares, how important is basketball to him to put his health and life in jeopardy for a sport? I get the competitiveness of Bosh but he still has a family to think about.

This can’t be about the money as Bosh has made a large share of it so it’s just an athlete not wanting to call it quits now. For the past two years, those same blood clots has caused him to miss significant time on the court. Last season he tried to bully his way onto the floor for the playoffs but Pat Riley was not sold.

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If Bosh is not healthy to play then he must consider retiring and thinking long-term for himself and his family. If he is able to play there are reports that he may not be able to go on back-to-backs, which in turn will still hurt the Heat chances of success in 2016. Either way, this is a setback for both he and the team. The Heat and Bosh must make sure there will be no lingering effect of the clots.

There are hopes that since the second was caught sooner the doctors will have a better understanding of the situation. Even so, does that mean that it’s completely gone from his body? They would like to treat it with more blood thinners but there are no real guarantees. The best advice anyone can give Bosh is to call it quits. I know that’s easier for us to say, we are not in that lifestyle but I know what my life means to me and my family and I refuse to put it in jeopardy of a diamond ring with a team’s name on it.

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