While making bold predictions on the internet is an ungrateful job where miscalculations stick with you, with the NBA trade deadline coming closer there needs to be a clean break of what we can expect. This is both as fans and those who like putting aside a couple of bets.

After the troublesome 2020 season, many things have changed. With more viewers behind the screens and fewer in the benches, being flashy is now a problem for the cameraman, not the players.

But, other things have stayed the same. As always, you need to get more buckets than the other five and there is no way around that. Still, there isn’t only one way to make such a thing happen.

Coming up to this NBA trade deadline, we can expect three things:

  • Teams will try to balance offense and defense
  • Players coming from college ball will have more chances
  • Betting will become slightly more conservative

And the last factor might sound like it won’t affect the game, but nobody can underestimate the money coming from betting house sponsors like Bet365 that want more eyes on the game. Combined with the push from the fans this will make clubs change strategies.

Namely, without eyes on the game replacing people in the seats there might be a loss of interest from the owners and investors, which no team nor player wants to see.

Will Zach LaVine Get Traded

Although there were reports that Bradley Beal will leave the Wizards before we see LaVine exiting Illinois, this has proven to be unlikely. With new info coming in, it is now virtually certain that Beal will stay in Washington at least for the next season.

Zachary LaVine is another story. He is due to hit the status of a free agent in 2022 and it seems like the Bulls are not as eager to keep the near All-Star status player. From a pure investment standpoint, LaVine is an easy choice for any team in the league.

Victor Oladipo to Leave Huston

With the Rockets not likely to extend the contract, it becomes almost certain that Oladipo will leave Huston before the deadline at the end of March. What is most probable is that he will stay in Texas, but wearing the Mavericks white and blue.

What will make this deal even more enticing is the fact that the 28-year-old Marylander hasn’t reached the status of a full-on All-Star, even though the results may show otherwise. This will make the transfer cheaper and setting him up with a new team easier.

Brooklyn to Reinforce the Defense

With the offense being one of the best in the league, placing Durant, Harden, and Irving on the front lines, the Nets have little to desire in this aspect. But, as the game changes and the need for defense rises, they will need to do something about their backline.

For such a developed team, the Nets are notorious for not being able to protect their bucket, and judging by the quotes from Bet365 they are likely to be outscored just for that fact. More people are betting on the score than on the win, which is not the best sign.

What is most likely to happen is the Brooklyn team moving Dinwiddie who reaches free agent status this summer. But, the issue is that at his current level the soon-to-be 28-year-old will not reach a price desired by the Nets.

The other option is for them to reinforce the backline with a newcomer, or some second-rounders. Regardless, the fans will be putting on a keen eye on the decision of the team.

Teams Focusing on Full Court Games

The master-craft of the game and the love of the sport are all well and fine, but when it comes to club owners and stakeholders it is all about the number of presidential heads they are able to rake in.

In the past, when it was all about the full arenas and cheering fans it was all about the flashy offense that will rile up that stage and send highlights to TV. Now, with the internet and most people watching online, it is a different game viewer-wise.

All parts of the game are visible, from all angles. And, you can’t run a team with few victories, unless you want to run it into the ground. Wins and smart actions are what sells, and the teams are willing to adapt to that.

By offering a full-court focus with all players pulling their weight more people will be willing to watch through the whole game, and that means ad revenue, as well as sponsorships from places like Bet365. That on its own is too hard to miss if you are a club owner.


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