As today’s business world becomes more and more digital in reaching customers and learning their preferences, there has been increased emphasis on using artificial intelligence and machine-learning. As a result, the concept of social listening has now become a central part of many companies in terms of their business and marketing strategies.

With social media influencers now being an even more important part of how companies market products and deciding how and when to implement strategies for numerous products, the need for analytics and advanced technological systems has never been greater. For companies that want to reach the top and stay there, they turn to NetBase.

Why Social Media Analytics are Important

As more and more companies now rely on analytics to get positive results with customers and products, social listening has now become the norm for how companies determine many of their marketing strategies. For example, with social media analytics now playing a much more integral role in marketing, companies can use AI and other related technologies to learn much more about consumer preferences, trending topics, consumer behavior, brand sentiments, and even competitive insights regarding consumer demographics.

Analyzing Each and Every Word

Now that AI has become more and more advanced in its capabilities, social listening can not only identify influencers and advocates, but also analyze each and every word used in various posts online to determine how best to market products. Whether it is a hashtag, the name of a celebrity, a certain brand, or even an emotion expressed in a tweet or other post, these and other factors can be analyzed via AI and used by companies to make business decisions that are faster and more accurate.

Customer Perception Across Social Media

As consumers express their likes or dislikes about products and services on more and more social media sites, NetBase has been able to help companies use AI technology to gain greater insight into customer perceptions across virtually all social media sites in use today. From Facebook and Twitter to Instagram and YouTube, thoughts and opinions can be had from everywhere. Along with this, it is much easier to also gather data from blogs, review sites, and other sources from around the world, as NetBase technology lets companies have access to nearly 100 countries and almost 200 languages worldwide.

Applicable to Numerous Industries

Now that social influencers and advocates have become so important to the success of companies around the world, NetBase has adapted its technology to be applicable to many different and diverse industries. These include financial services, healthcare, retail, restaurant and dining services, travel and hospitality, and many others. Since it can take only a handful of social influencers to greatly alter the course of a company and ultimately the success or failure of products and services, companies in these and other industries want and need as many types of technology as possible to help them stay ahead of their competitors.

Reaching Business Goals

For companies to be successful today, they need to use as many platforms as possible to reach consumers and also learn about what their customers like or don’t like about their products or services. By partnering with NetBase, they can do this and thus reach their business goals. Working with such well-known companies as Coca-Cola, Walmart, Microsoft, United Airlines, and countless others, NetBase has proven itself to be a company that can help small and large businesses get results. Whether it is using data for public relations campaigns, strategic marketing, or perhaps for ways to improve customer service, NetBase has helped bring social listening to the forefront of today’s business world.

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