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New Spider-Man: Homecoming Posters Prove Marvel Will Do The Iconic Character Justice


March 25, 2017

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If you are a fan of comic book movies, then you know we have seen the character Spider-Man appear on several occasions. To be exact, we have seen three different iterations of the iconic web-slinger since 2002.

Tobey Maguire was the first to bring Peter Parker to life. He began his three film run as the character with 2002’s Spider-Man, before going on to do a second film in 2004 and a third and final one in 2007. That would be the end of the franchise, with the character disappearing for seven years.


But then in 2014, Andrew Garfield donned the spandex. The Amazing Spider-Man was brought to theaters given the popularity of the character. He would receive a second film in the role in 2014. There was talk that things would begin to expand from there, with other films centered around Spidey-related characters coming down the line. But Sony was not pleased with the results from the sequel, leading to a complete breakdown.

As a result, a deal was made (more on that shortly). Sony and Marvel Studios came to an agreement that allowed Marvel to use the character within the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), while Sony would still reap the rewards of profits. Tom Holland was cast as our third Peter Parker and would make his debut in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War. This new version of Spidey will be getting his first solo film this summer, with Spider-Man: Homecoming coming to theaters on July 7th.

Now, before we continue, let’s just touch on that deal really quick without getting too technical. Spider-Man is a Marvel character in terms of the comics. His movie rights were sold to Sony years ago. So it was Sony that made the both the Maguire and Garfield films. After two attempts with the web-slinger, they essentially agreed to let Marvel Studios share the character.

As a result, Spider-Man is allowed to appear in films where he can interact with the likes of the Avengers. Hence his inclusion in a Captain America movie. But Sony is still involved on the backend, and get to make some cash as a result. It is essentially a win for everyone involved.

And with the newest Spider-Man film getting closer and closer, Marvel and Sony have debuted two posters for the film, which you can view here. And I must say, I love what I am seeing.

The first thing that stands out is the obvious nod to the Avengers in both posters. The first one sees a suited up Spidey listening to his headphones with the Avengers Tower in the background. The second one has him hanging off the side of that very building.

With this being the first version of the character that is allowed to interact with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, it is nice to see the promotion of the film taking full advantage of that fact. We already know Tony Stark/Iron Man will be appearing in the film.

The presence of the tower in both of these posters gives me faith the film will have an even larger connection to the MCU. There could be plenty of cameos from other established Marvel characters in Homecoming. There could also be plenty of connections to prior events in the multitude of events that have unfolded in this universe.

The other thing that these posters drive home is the fact that they are bringing us the true “kid” version of Peter. During his stint as the character, Maguire was between the age of 27 and 32. Garfield was between 29 and 31. But with Holland, they have gone much younger, as he was 20 upon his Spidey debut.

The first poster, along with the first trailer we got awhile back, prove they are going to be showcasing the characters age in this film. The one poster sees Spider sporting a school jacket. He is hanging out listening to music. Or in other words, he is being a kid. Despite the fact that he is in a superhero costume.

So while two posters may not seem like alot, they say a lot. They prove Marvel is set to do things right with this film. They know what they need to do differently to make this version of the character succeed.

So what do you think of the new Spider-Man: Homecoming posters? Tell us in the comments!

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