It’s okay! I’m here to help you with a new year new you! Just because you may have flunked already on your new years resolution, just because you may have already stopped going to the gym or cheated on your diet or even overspent a little.

Just because you failed, does not mean you have to give up.  I’m here to give you some helpful hints on starting your new year, new you all over again starting today!

1. Don’t believe the 21-day habit rule. At least don’t believe it completely.  If you have it in your head that you need 21 days to make something into a successful habit, and you forget to do something on day 10 then you already have in your mind that you have failed.  Completely disregard the 21 day-rule and start by grabbing a piece of paper and a pen and write down your goal on your piece of paper.

Seems stupid right?

It’s not, this theory has been tested repeatedly and you are more likely to hit your goal if you write it down. Consistently- So set a reminder a week from today to write down the same exact goal you just wrote down and continue to set reminders to keep writing down your goal.  Next write down the steps you need to take to get to your goal.

Make sure that throughout the week, you are doing these steps and trying to get where you need to be next to hit your goal.  Before you know it, you will be way past the 21-day rule and you won’t be worrying about counting down days you will be worrying about your next step you are taking.

2. When it gets hard, PUSH THROUGH. PUSH THROUGH. PUSH THROUGH. PUSH THROUGH and never ever give up.  This is the most important piece of advice that I can give to you and its the one that most people will unfortunately push to the side.  All plans not made, all new year’s resolutions not made, all goals unattained are because you gave up.

It wasn’t your circumstances, it wasn’t his fault or her fault or the kids’ fault.  It was your fault.

Own up to your mistakes, know your faults and let’s fix your mistakes going forward and let’s not give up on you.  There is time for everything you want in life.  Write that down.  There is time and you can complete your goal. The problem that most people have is that they think they aren’t worthy of their goals, their too old, too poor and make up excuse after excuse, but they are so used to letting themselves down that they don’t believe that they can reach any goal they set their mind to. Believe in you and never give up.

3. Make your goal bigger then you imagine and be happy if you must settle for something smaller.  Want to lose 50 pounds in a year, but you’ve only lost 25 and you don’t have much more time to go? Feel like a failure? Well, you’re not. Even if you lost 10 of the 50, you wanted you’ve done something to better yourself and that’s better then doing nothing so be proud of where you have come and don’t allow your bigger goal to get the best of you.

Its not easy to lose weight, its not easy to diet, its not easy to go to the gym every day, but I promise you, that once you get a taste of feeling like you have completed something you were striving for you will not want to go back to not having goals.  Get obsessed with making you feel good.

4. Have Fun: After writing down a goal and working repeatedly to make sure you are obtaining it don’t forget to have fun.  I’ve noticed with myself that if I’m not changing up a routine or doing something exciting in my life I tend to fall back on my goals, I fall back on my work and I fall back on living.

Setting a small goal like dancing or yoga for 20-60 minutes a day or listening to your favorite music without interruptions for 20 minutes a day, even practicing a sport.  These relaxing and fun activities can have huge psychological effects on keeping your momentum going.  When life gets busy find your own time to smile.

5. Find people with your same goals: Drake said no new friends, but sometimes, you need new friends to get you to where you’re going.  No new friends would only come into play, if its someone that is not going to help you reach your goal, support you, or have the same goals.  Keep that circle small and positive.

6. Grind in silence: Not everyone needs to hear about your goals, see you going to the gym, making money or traveling.  Its known that if you keep quite about your goals you will obtain them quicker and more efficiently.  Instead of posting everywhere that you are doing this or doing that, silently applaud yourself for reaching small goals and celebrate with close ones around you for reaching bigger ones. This will ensure that all goals are met.

7. Spend less time on the internet and watching TV, unless it pertains to your goals.  Calculate how much time you spend on social media and watching TV and cut it down by half.  Do you think you could give up TV for an hour a night to concentrate on bettering yourself? I think you can!

So now that you have helpful hints in getting the New Year, New You started what are you waiting for? Print out my article and put it on your fridge, turn off the TV, silence your phone and start your New Year, New You!

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