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By Mike Sigman

Eric Decker, David Harris, Darrelle Revis, Nick Mangold, D’Brickashaw Ferguson, Brandon Marshall, and whoever else the New York Jets feel like cutting before the season starts.

Now looking at this, most fans would be ravaged and outraged, yet from a business and analytical standpoint, this makes a lot of sense. For fans unfortunately, we are in for a heavy overhaul/rebuild, so enjoy the wins and new faces that represent the New York Jets.

Recently the Jets announced that they released David Harris, after only missing 8 games in his Jet career, fans were “shook”. Then moments later, the organization announced they were going to be releasing or trading Eric Decker, which was another shocker to the Jets community.

With all the overhauls happening to veteran players, are there going to be any left for a sense of veteran leadership?

While there are some veterans left, it’s the younger guys term to show up and create a healthy team environment and watch out for their teammates. While most fans look at the recent Leonard Williams incident as an issue, others should look at it as brothers looking out for each other.

If this man was Darron Lee, which is still undisclosed, Williams is looking out for him making sure he doesn’t make any dumb mistakes.

But back on track, this team is in need of a total rebuild, no more grabbing veteran players to see if they can contribute to a winning season.

No more buying players to hopefully get a win against the New England Patriots now, no, the New York Jets are looking forward to when Tom Brady is no longer in the division and instead of building a misfit team and spending big dollars on players, the best way to take over a dynasty, is by building on from scratch!

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