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Animal Kingdom: How Soon Before Smurf Loses It?


June 9, 2017

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We are only two episodes into season two of Animal Kingdom, but there has been plenty to talk about. One character in particular, however, seems destined for an interesting arc on the season. That is the family’s former patriarch, Smurf.

Last year, Smurf was in control. The mother of the boys pulling all of the heists, she had the final say in any critical decisions. She would pick the jobs. It was Smurf that decided how the cash would be divided up. All of this despite taking none of the risk. To put it simply, she had the boys under her thumb.

But unfortunately for her, they have grown sick of how things were being run. Deran and Craig showed these feelings last season. Pope came to the realization at the conclusion of last year. But in this year’s opening episode, Baz finally snapped as well. All of her boys finally had enough of taking all of the risk, while Smurf reaped most of the benefits.

As a result, they have set out to run jobs without her being involved. This has not sat well with her however. And it seems like she could be going downhill. Fast.

The very first scene showed her in bed. As she woke up she had a sip of what we would assume was an alcoholic beverage. Throughout the first two episodes, she has been frequently seen drinking. The bottom line is, it seems like her drinking could very well become a problem.

Next, let’s factor in her standing in the current story. At the moment, she is virtually on her own. J is currently staying with her and she is doing everything she can to keep control over him. She gave him a credit card. Every now and again she lets him know she “trusts him”. She even invited J’s old girlfriend, Nicky, to stay over after Craig burned his place down. This was very likely a move to help give J something he wanted.

That is because the boys are planting ideas in J’s head. They are telling him to get out and get his own place. Pope has told him not to trust her multiple times. He has been told that Baz and Pope will never trust him if they think he is spying on them, which links back to him staying with the woman none of them trust.

The latest episode saw Smurf take some measures to close out the boys as well. She cut off any of their credit cards that were linked to her account. There was the phone call to change all of the security codes and locks on the homes she owns that the boys stay in. She paid a visit to a woman who would buy off stolen goods to be pawned off, in which Smurf told the woman not to work with Baz. Anything to make the lives difficult for Baz, Pope, Deran and Craig she has been doing.

So to put it simply, it is only a matter of time before there is a showdown between Smurf and any of the boys. If J moves out, he will become just like the others to her. If any of the other fellas get frustrated by her actions, there will certainly be a confrontation.

My best guess is that this will only lead to her drinking even more than she has been. Add in the whole angle with “Manny”, the mysterious guy who just died that has some ties to Smurf, and she is headed for the downward spiral.

But how long will they drag things out before they send her flying downhill? Will it be this coming Tuesday? Could it become a season-long storyline? Would they set things up so she opens season three at the lowest of lows?

Given this season will consist of 13 episodes, I do not think it takes all year. I foresee a showdown with J this coming episode. At least one of the other guys will likely go off on her in the next week or so as well. Her drinking will hit a new low by midseason. But the last few episodes will see her start to build herself back up. Most likely with the help of someone. Maybe the bald guy who showed up talking about Manny in week one?

So what do you think? What will this season look like for Smurf on Animal Kingdom? Will she end the year in the gutter? Or will she get as low as she can go, then have a bounceback to end the season? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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