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NFL 2019 – 7 Must Watch Games of the Season

Fall is fast coming up, and with it comes the 2019 NFL Season with all its ups, downs, dreams, expectations, and even crushed hopes. That is not just in respect to teams, or players but to fans as well.

It is not just a question of loyalty to our favorite teams, but there are some games that we simply cannot afford to miss! We need to be there and watch firsthand how the game goes. It’s a great help that the schedule is out, so we can start making a list of must-watch games.

Bears versus Packers

It might be that this is the first on our list, but it also happens to be the first game of the season. Still, that is not why it is recommended. When we go back and remember how the Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers opened last year’s season, we have to see if these two giants will give us a replay or shall we say, the completion of an encounter. You can look here for no fee NFL tickets and be there to enjoy the live actions when the season begins.

Chiefs versus Colts

With the turnaround that we saw the Indianapolis Colts performed in the 2018 season thereby making them one of the best scoring defenses. It is a team on the rise and well worth the watching, especially when they will be facing the daunting Kansas City Chiefs. Nothing more to be said!

Saints versus Rams

With revenge in the air, this is bound to be an exciting game, to say the least! The New Orleans Saints could not have forgotten that they barely missed the Super Bowl. But that is not all, blown calls may be still ringing in their minds. They are bound to seek retribution from the Los Angeles Rams, but this guarantees we are going to see a game for history!

Saints versus Seahawks

It is more than enough that we shall be seeing the highest paid player ‘Russell Wilson’ from the Seattle Seahawks as he plays opposite a player who is not daunted by age in ‘Drew Brees’ from the New Orleans Saints and is known for the wonders that he achieves in the field.

Rams versus Browns

Both teams seem to boast best quarterback picks and great rosters. Added to that, we shall see the two best offenses in the NFL as they face each other. Needless to say, it is going to be an unforgettable game when the Los Angeles Rams go against the Cleveland Browns.

Cowboys versus Patriots

For nearly a decade this has been one of the best games when Dallas Cowboys facing the New England Patriots, a Sunday night classic that never fails to deliver. It is also on opening weekend, as such we shall all be anticipation mingled with excitement as these two great teams meet and give an unfailing performance. Let’s hold our breath and go!

Cowboys versus Eagles

This is a decision-making game as these two teams have won NFC east for the past three years and they have won five of six seasons between them. It could be that the 2019 Division will be either with the Dallas Cowboys or with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Of course, other notable games could be of great interest such as; the Browns meeting the Arizonans, Redskins and the Vikings, or the Steelers and the Jets. After all, there are 16 weeks of games to choose from. Just make sure to book your NFL tickets for the most important of these games, so that you can have that hands-on experience that cannot be compared.

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