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Travel: The Smartest Climb To Mt. Kilimanjaro

You will fall in love with Tanzania before you are on your way to the legendary top of Kilimanjaro! Tanzania is a country with a fairly good reputation compared to other African countries, so it attracts many tourists. And, of course, the main treasure of this amazing country is Mount Kilimanjaro!

When climbing Kilimanjaro, you will see a change of different ecosystems, from tropical forests and alpine deserts to snow cover and glaciers, which, according to scientists, can soon disappear altogether.

Which route is right for you?

In total, there are 6 routes to choose from.

· Route Marangu

· Machame Route

· Rouhng Rongai

· Lemosho Route

· Northern traverse

· Route Umbwe

What equipment do you need?

Although Kilimanjaro is considered to be technically a simple mountain, do not be fooled into thinking that this is easy! Preparation is the key, especially if you have little time or you have chosen one of the difficult routes. Porters can carry food and cooking utensils. Even if you forget something in the collection of charges, on-site there is an opportunity to rent spare equipment for Climbing Kilimanjaro, but proven personal equipment is priceless!

· Waterproof and breathable mountain hiking shoes. Recommended membrane Goretex, sole Vibram. Tracking shoes should be torn and inspected before starting your trip. You will need more than one pair of trekking socks – and do not forget to take socks with insulation for the day of the assault.

· Thermal underwear for cold nights and trekking days above 4000 meters.

· Waterproof and windproof trousers and jacket, even if you are traveling in the dry season, in the mountains the weather changes unpredictably quickly.

· Clothing made from high- tech, lightweight fabrics that effectively dissipate heat protect from harmful UV rays. Such clothes are perfect for the first and last days of hiking.

· Down jacket and fleece jacket will need you when the temperature drops and you need to warm up. Of course, it is easy to forget these things while you are sweating at the foot of a mountain in a tropical country near the equator. The assault day itself is planned to be quite cold, the temperature can drop to – 20 Celsius.

· Warm hat and gloves, – from above it is better to wear downy gauntlets.

· Comfortable and warm clothing and shoes for the camp. It will help you relax after a long day of walking.

· Your faithful running backpack of 35-40 liters – so that your personal belongings are always at hand (camera, flashlight, change of clothes and food for a snack during the day). You need to have a water-repellent cape on your backpack to protect things from moisture and rain.

· Baul or backpack (volume 60-80 liters). To store your personal baggage while climbing.

· Sleeping bag, suitable for cold nights, at temperatures up to -15 ° C

· Sunglasses are what most people forget. Beach format will not work, because with increasing height above sea level increases the intensity of UV rays. The degree of protection from UV 3-4. Points should fit snugly to face. In the campaign it will often be necessary to remove glasses for a short time, so it is very desirable that they have a rubber band or a strap.

· As with any trip, take a basic set of toiletries: a toothbrush, toothpaste, towel, and more. It should not be too big, so that you do not fight with the advantage. Porter will carry only 15 kg of your personal belongings to the mountain

· Trekking poles, especially relevant on the day of the assault and during the descent, they unload your knees and spine.

· Headlamp flashlight and a spare set of batteries for evening and morning gatherings.

· Water flag or drinking system, for constant drinking during the tour.

· First aid kit with medicines. Take the medicines you used to take in your travels. Take more patches, corns can significantly spoil the impression of climbing!

Most climbers spend several nights in the city before the start. They prepare themselves mentally, check their equipment and get acquainted with the most interesting country of Tanzania.

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