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NFL Fails Philadelphia Eagles

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The Philadelphia Eagles stormed the field Sunday afternoon when one of their most beloved players, Darren Sproles was illegally hit by Washington’s Deshazor Everett.

Sproles never even had the ball, as it hit Everett in the back. The sound of Everett slamming into Sproles head sounded like a car crash.

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As benches cleared and referees tried to prevent yet another melee between Philadelphia and Washington, every Eagles fan took solace in the fact the Everett would be fined and suspended for several games for his attack.

Unfortunately, the NFL didn’t think Everett deserved to be suspended. Mind you, this is the same player who put a helmet to helmet hit on Brent Celek in the same game. A hit that took Celek out of the game. A hit the went uncalled by the referees. With Celek out, the Eagles needed a third string long snapper.

Everett single-handedly took two top Philadelphia playmakers out of the game and the NFL shrugs and says “Oh well”? Really? Is that how it is now?

I thought we were working on protecting players, not letting them be taken out by what looks like a bounty hunter.

Deshazor Everett is an expendable player, Washington didn’t care of he was ejected, fined or suspended. They don’t need him. Philadelphia needs Celek and Sproles.

The NFL is tempting teams to start taking matters into their own hands. I recall Jason Peters punching Chris Baker square in the face for a late hit on Nick Foles not long ago that sparked the last Philadelphia vs Washington melee. Is that what the NFL wants? Apparently so.

When a no name player starts putting illegal hits on top stars from an opposing team, that’s called Bounty Hunting. Trust me, Philadelphia knows all about that type of play. Buddy Ryan, rest his soul, would NOT be happy about this blatant attack on the Eagles.

Mark your calendars for Philadelphia vs Washington next year. I have a sneaky suspicion that we might see a chippy game.

Washington has struck first. The Eagles will most likely respond in kind. If they do, you can blame the NFL for their lack of consistency in administering punishment for this kind of behavior.

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