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With multiple reports that wide receiver Andre Johnson is disgruntled and wants to be traded. What is the future for him?

The Texans seem to be in partial rebuild mode. Johnson–the franchise’s best player–is a veteran who wants to win now. It is known that the team doesn’t want to trade him. They would have to absorb about $12 million in dead money to make it happen. The other team would need to have a lot of cap space to absorb his contract because it is worth $15.644 million.

So it is a tricky situation for Houston.

If the offer is right, the team should try to trade him. What would a good offer consist of? Johnson is worth a lot. It should take at least two high draft picks to move him.

Since Johnson is 33 years old, he isn’t worth a first-round pick. Second and third-round draft choices would be a fair price for someone of his caliber. Another question would be, where would he go?

Some good fits would include Cleveland, New England and Carolina. All of these teams need receiver help and Johnson would be the number one option on any of these teams. The best fit for him would be Carolina because they have an excellent young quarterback in Cam Newton, and they are desperate after cutting Steve Smith and only drafting Kelvin Benjamin.

He needs time and Johnson gives Carolina a seasoned veteran at the position.

I don’t think that the Texans will trade Johnson. He means too much to the franchise. There are too many problems with trading him. They should try to work out their differences if possible.

However, the allure of playing for a contender may force the Texans’ to trade the best player in the history of their franchise.

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