Tyreek Hill (Nov. 27, 2016 - Source: Justin Edmonds/Getty Images North America)
Tyreek Hill (Nov. 27, 2016 - Source: Justin Edmonds/Getty Images North America) Tyreek Hill (Nov. 27, 2016 - Source: Justin Edmonds/Getty Images North America)
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NFL: Roger Goodell Discusses Eliminating Kickoffs, Cites Player Safety

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The NFL may eliminate kickoffs for good as Commissioner Roger Goodell says player safety is the reason. Is this really the right call? Kickoffs tend to be one of the most exciting plays in football. Games can be won or lost depending on the result of kickoffs. Can fans imagine NFL life without some excitement from their favorite returners such as Kansas City Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill?


Is the NFL also going down a slippery slope? Although the argument of one thing leading to another is sometimes questionable, it bears discussion to wonder what’s next. Will quarterback sacks be eliminated? What about big hits? Should the NFL take the overall physical nature out of football or at least limit it? Football is a sport that demands toughness so Goodell should be cautious about what rules are made. Professional football should not be flag football. Quality special teams units are a vital part of winning or losing.


Goodell is rightly concerned about player safety as it an issue that could lead to the decline or slow death of the NFL. This country wouldn’t be the same without the NFL so it’s fairly easy to see why Goodell is worried about player safety. It’s also hard to see players being paraplegic , in wheelchairs and barely able to function in life.

It’s important that before everyone goes into super angry mode, let’s take a deeper look at Goodell’s argument. We need a medical example to really understand the logic behind Goodell’s reasoning. Doctor David Geier is an Orthopedic Surgeon and Sports Medicine Specialist who says kickoffs need to go. He mentioned an odd situation of a kickoff resulting in a concussion. Kansas City Chiefs safety Steven Terrell was kicked in the head while blocking for running back Kareem Hunt. This is of course one of many such injuries as this is seen at the high school and college level as well.

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