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By 4 pm this afternoon, NFL teams needed to cut their rosters down to 53 players. There were a ton of players who were cut and one of the included Mark Sanchez from the Denver Broncos after it was reported that they were going to start Trevor Siemian in Week 1 over Mark Sanchez. It seems that he may have found a new home very quickly and being a free agent for a half hour. According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, he is hearing rumors that Mark Sanchez is in talks to sign with the Dallas Cowboys. There is no known knowledge of numbers as far as the contract being mentioned yet. This makes sense for Mark Sanchez to sign with Dallas as they are starting rookie Dak Prescott this season after Tony Romo got injured during the preseason that it was later revealed he had a broken bone in his back. I don’t see any reason for why this deal should not happen, and I’m curious to see if they are bringing him in to be a teacher for Dak Prescott or to have a veteran presence on the team. If Mark Sanchez does sign with the Dallas Cowboys, this will be his fourth NFL team since being drafted in the first round by the New York Jets back in 2009. I wonder if Dallas does pull this deal off and say Dak does struggle in the first few games would they be quick enough to put Sanchez in and sit Dak Prescott. All I am going to say is if this signing does happen that it will make it for an interesting season in Dallas as they will have a starter who is still an unproven player and a backup who has become a backup after being drafted so high in the 2009 NFL Draft. It wouldn’t be an NFL season without their being some eyes watching Dallas. Folks, the NFL season is still a few days away but now is when it becomes a bumpy ride. So tighten your seatbelt and hang on to the bumpy ride of the 2016 NFL season.

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