Medical personnel are extremely vulnerable during these times of global crises and hence, they should be kept under a tremendous amount of care and supervision like they are doing for us. As a part of this, all we can do is by providing them a necessary helping hand with regards to their insurance claims.

Insurance for Nurses:

Nursing professional or nurses put their lives on the lines and work on high risk cases while they do their duty of taking people’s care and helping them overcome their illness, or recover from any crucial surgery, but there is something that we cannot overlook and that is the noteworthy risks of disability from being associated in such a risky profession. We have to agree to the fact that there is a better system for the nurses at this age as compared to a decade back, we are sadly unable to still cope up with their physical demands from staying in such a profession which might give them permanent damage.

If you may ask the most trivial question such as why do nurses actually need any disability insurance, or why do we need to stress on nursing disability insurance, the answer would not be as simple as the question that you have posed. First things first, the occupation has an extremely high barrier from entering with respect to a financial viewpoint, this basically means that any person who is a nurse has invested a substantive amount of time, money and energy into learning and educating themselves to nursing. The cost to become a nurse might depend on the pathway that you are planning to enter into, but it is rest assured that the education fee and the license might cost you a six-figure amount. Nursing disability insurance is also a crucial part since it is estimated that nursing assistants and registered nursing professionals suffer around 35 thousand injuries every year.

Insurance for Surgeons:

Surgeons might be very highly paid professionals for absolutely the right reasons; they save your life, and thus, it could be exceedingly strenuous for any company to provide them with any sort of general insurance.

The first and foremost reason as to why surgeons need to have a surgeons disability insurance is because their income and expenditure graph is exceptionally higher as compared to any average citizen of any country. To become a surgeon, there are years of education, both yours and maybe your children’s education, and this might be quite a lot of expense since medical schools do not come dirt cheap. To bring up their children, they would obviously aim for a better school or a better lifestyle primarily because they can afford it. Surgeons disability insurance is precisely required for one fact that they need to secure and protect their ability to earn. If you have a surgeons disability insurance, you would be receiving a part of your salary if you are unable to work for a certain period of time.

Despite having a very negligible chance of getting yourself into a disability, you must always be prepared no matter what. Starting from musculoskeletal disorders or any sort of heart diseases, your surgeons disability insurance kicks in from any period of time when you are out of work, the part of your monthly salary that you receive is for paying off any inevitable monthly cost like your EMIs or your mortgage, or your child’s school fees or your own fees for medical school if you are pursuing a higher degree.

It is high time surgeons and nurses start figuring this out, because you take care of us, but who takes care of you?

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