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Oakland Raiders file Las Vegas Raiders related trademarks

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When it comes to relocation, there were three teams that were amongst the talks. The St. Louis Rams wanted to go back to Los Angeles and did, the Oakland Raiders have been rumored for several places, and the San Diego Chargers may still be looking to relocate. The next team to move, I believe will be the Oakland Raiders. On Thursday that move became more apparent when the Oakland Raiders filed for trademarks related to the Las Vegas Raiders name.

We all know by the now the dissatisfaction that Mark Davis, Raiders owner, has with the city of Oakland. The Raiders play in one of, if not the, most empty stadiums in the NFL. The city of Oakland and Alameda County will not help out the Raiders in acquiring a new stadium. Without a new stadium, the Raiders are behind the times. Even if the city and county were to do renovations, the stadium is still outdated. There needs to be a push from the entities if they want to keep the Raiders in Oakland.

Without a push for some help from the government entities, there is no choice for the Raiders but to move. They had been rumored to be going back to Los Angeles in a joint venture with the Rams, but that did not happen. They had also been rumored to be looking at a move to San Antonio, which seems to have fallen through. Now the strong talk is Las Vegas, and this is a move that is gaining steam as I write.

The Las Vegas Raiders could be a thing of the future. The Raiders have offered the City of Las Vegas $500 million towards a new stadium. The stadium could become a joint venture with the University of Nevada-Las Vegas. That would be able to add some funding to the build as well. The Raiders have certainly done their due diligence with this move.

For the move to be completed the Raiders would have to file a relocation packet with the league, which they have not done yet. Then the Raiders would have to have 24 owners approve the relocation. All of this could happen within the next two years.

Keep your eyes on this as the situation gains momentum. The Oakland Raiders are only on a one-year lease. This could move faster than the waters through the Hoover Damn. The Las Vegas Raiders are becoming more of a reality. Las Vegas got an NHL team, so why not the Raiders also

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