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Oakland Raiders: GM Reggie McKenzie Will Continue To Build A Contender No Matter What

The Oakland Raiders are certainly not yet considered among the best teams in the NFL. Yet, releasing high-priced players such as  Richard SeymourMichael HuffDarrius Heyward Bay and most recently the head case Rolando McClain the franchise is heading in a new direction.

With the Raiders only having one first round draft pick on the roster and millions in dead money until next season the organization knows what’s ahead as it limits the team’s ability to rebuild. General manager Reggie McKenzie believes that he can take on the challenge head on.

He’s done a great job of making shrewd moves this off-season, yet even with that the case he’ll get blamed if the season becomes a disaster.

There’s no reason for panic as McKenzie’s determination won’t allow the Raiders to throw in the towel and instead will keep the team competitive. He’s had the difficult task of cleaning up the mess that got left to him and is doing great though some fans may not agree.

By keeping to his vision in Oakland and having the right coaching staff the Raiders get the opportunity to build a successful team that will compete for the AFC West title.

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