Oakland Raiders Mock Draft
Oakland Raiders Mock Draft

The Oakland Raiders are a team on the move. This will more than likely be their final year in Oaktown. How does that make you feel Raiders fans? Nonetheless, the team still must draft. They made some moves in free agency that solidified a couple of positions. However, the draft can always offer improvement, youth, and depth at all positions. Here is a look at few rounds of the Oakland Raiders 2017 NFL Draft.

Round One – Pick 24

Zach Cunningham – Linebacker (Vanderbilt) 6’3” 234Lbs

Cunningham fits right in with the Raiders defensive scheme. He is a quick downhill player that loves to hit first. Additionally, he has exception feel for getting into the backfield. Thus creating many tackles for losses. Cunningham is a magnet to the football. For the same reason, he is often creating turnovers. Not to mention is athleticism allows him to cover TEs.

The Oakland Raiders would have to fix a couple of issues. Cunningham is very lanky. He lacks power in his lower body. Due to his unorthodox size, he has a tendency not to be able to shed blocks. This is a problem when facing some of the stronger running teams in the AFC.

Round Two – Pick 56


Tanoh Kpassagnon – D-line (Villanova) 6’7” 289lbs

Kpassagnon is a project. However, he is moving his way up the draft boards in a hurry. He has plenty of room to continue to improve his frame. He reminds me a lot of a young Aldon Smith. Similarly, he has quick feet that allow him to beat lateral blocks with ease. Tanoah Kpassagnon may be a raw project but the Oakland Raiders could be happy for years to come.


The weakness of this young man will be his size. He is often content on using his bull rush instead of being creative. Furthermore, his legs are not always under him. Given these points, he still needs to learn to use his size. Once he does, then he can begin to dominate.

Round Three – Pick 88

Corn Elder – CB (Miami) 5’10” 183lbs

Elder is the definition of a Raider. He does not fear his size at all. In fact, Elder plays very physical and with extreme confidence. He loves to bump receivers and knock them off-schedule. Overall, he can play in a variety of coverages.

Though he is not afraid to mix it up, he may too small to play outside in the NFL. His lack of size will cause him to be beaten by bigger receivers. Consequently, he lacks the second gear so catching up will be hard for him.

The Oakland Raiders are 2016 playoff team. They are looking to get back to that form. With all the right picks, they could add some depth. Maybe even a day one starter. In addition, using the move to Vegas as propaganda could attract some quality talent.

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