Rhode Island. The Ocean State.

In terms of square miles and size, Rhode Island is the smallest of all the fifty states, but despite it’s size, has a proud and storied history all its own.

The first of the Thirteen Colonies to renounce its allegiance to England and the fourth to ratify the Articles of Confederation, the state of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations was also the 13th state to ratify the U.S. Constitution.

Thanks to its many large bays and inlets in Narragansett Bay, Newport and Portsmouth, Rhode Island has some of the most picturesque ocean views and beaches in the country. If you are into boating, sailing and being in and around the ocean, Rhode Island is definitely the place for you to be thanks to it’s 169 miles of water and beaches.

While not normally seen or viewed as a hotbed for entertainment or modeling, notables from Little Rhody include former Miss Rhode Island USA 1997 winner and reality television star in Providence-born Claudia Jordan of Celebrity Apprentice and The Real Housewives of Atlanta and former Miss Universe and USA 2012 winner in Cranston-born model Olivia Culpo.

With the modeling industry always looking for that next undiscovered talent and fresh new face, perhaps Providence-born lifestyle and print model Katie Edwards is the next Ocean State babe.

Despite being just the still-young age of 19, the fresh-faced beauty has modeled for notable brands such as Redken, Ivory Ella, Aqua Leisure and Danielle Aspinwall Couture Jewelry. With Abercombie and Fitch catalog-worthy looks, a slender—yet toned—5’5 petite figure and simply mesmerizing set of blue eyes, Edwards is as All-American as it gets.

Like all of her fellow New England-area brethren, she is also an unabashed Boston sports fan diehard who loves her Super Bowl champion New England Patriots, Boston Red Sox, Celtics and Bruins. Below is my Q and A with Katie as we talk modeling, summer fashion, her recent spring break, some Boston sports and who the ultimate Boston sports alpha dog is.

Photo: EDW Studios

Name: Katie Edwards

Age: 19

Height: 5’5

Birthplace: Providence, Rhode Island

Measurements: 33-26-27

Social Media Links: Facebook: Katie Edwards Model | Instagram: @katieedwardsmodel

Agency: Model Club Inc. Boston, MA

Photo: Xavier Delbrey Photography

Robert D. Cobb: What kind of model do you consider yourself?(Instagram, Glamour, Lifestyle, Fitness or Fashion?)

Katie Edwards: “Glamour, Commercial Print, lifestyle”

Robert D. Cobb: What brands have you modeled for?

Katie Edwards: Ivory Ella, Imperial Pearl, Aqua Leisure, Beauty Impact Academy, Redken, Danielle Aspinwall Couture Jewelry, and many more”

Photo: Xavier Delbrey Photography

Robert D. Cobb: Which one do you enjoy modeling for the most?

Katie Edwards: Each company brings a unique experience all it’s own but I think I really enjoy modeling for Ivory Ella the most. They have a really laid back atmosphere and they make each shoot unique and upbeat. However, each company I am lucky enough to represent is a true blessing.”

Robert D. Cobb: Where has been your favorite place to shoot?

Katie Edwards: One of my favorite places to shoot was in North Kingston, Rhode Island. We did a Holiday shoot at an old tree farm that simply stunning. They smell of the Christmas tree’s was unbelievable along with the home made donuts and apple cider. Even though it was freezing, the lighting at the farm was absolutely stunning.”

Photo: EDW Studios

Robert D. Cobb: What is the most exciting aspect of Modeling?

Katie Edwards: “I think everything about modeling is exciting. Although, I find the hair and make up process the most exciting. Once you see yourself transformed it is absolutely amazing.”

Robert D. Cobb: Within the industry, who is your inspiration?

Katie Edwards: “Definitely Marilyn Monroe, I say her because she found it so easy to model, it wasn’t hard for her it came naturally. I find modeling also comes easy to me and plus people always say I look like her!

Robert D. Cobb: What is your secret to staying in shape?

Katie Edwards: Lots of water!!! For someone who doesn’t go to the gym that much, drinking water keeps everything moving and it’s a better alternative than soda. Also, I try to avoid a lot of processed foods.”

Robert D. Cobb: Outside of modeling, what are your hobbies?

Katie Edwards: Overall, I enjoy photography even if I am not in the picture LOL. I enjoy taking them also. I also enjoy baking and swimming!”

Photo: Born Imagery


Robert D. Cobb: With summer right around the corner, what fashion and style tips and trends do you have for looking good when the temperature drops?

Katie Edwards: With summer around the corner I like to go with a more natural look. Wavy, natural hair, bare eyes or mascara only and a more light natural lip. I love light soring dresses with cute sneakers and a jean jacket.”


Robert D. Cobb: What swimwear trends and styles do you recommend for looking hot and rocking it with confidence this season?

Katie Edwards: I love wearing the high-waisted swim suit this season I think that looks awesome. Also, you can’t go wrong with the classic bikini I love to keep things simple.”

Photo: Prize Portraits


Robert D. Cobb: What did you do over your spring break?

Katie Edwards: My plans for spring break are boring LOL. I have booked a few shoots, trying to take this time off of school to update my portfolio.”


Sports Question: Who are your favorite teams and clubs?

Katie Edwards: Since I live in New England, I enjoy all of our home teams. The Patriots, Red Sox, Celtics, and the Bruins.”

Photo: Born Imagery


Robert D. Cobb: Since you’re a Boston girl and a sports fan, how you feeling about those Pats?

Katie Edwards: I am in LOVE with the Pats!! My family are huge Pats fans we have major playoff and Super Bowl parties. I actually interviewed for the New England Patriots Promotional Modeling Squad. Unfortunately, I did not advance! I may be a little young but I’m not giving up. I will try again but what an experience it was walking into their cooperate office.”


Robert D. Cobb: Tom Brady, Julian Edelman, Davis Ortiz, Isaiah Thomas who is your favorite Boston sports athlete?

Katie Edwards: “Without a doubt, Tom Brady!!”

Photo: Ellements Magazine


Robert D. Cobb: What are your favorite cities to travel too?

Katie Edwards: “New York City, Quebec, and Miami. If I ever could get to California, I would love to go to Hollywood or Los Angeles.”

Robert D. Cobb: What advice would you give to women aspiring to get into modeling?

Katie Edwards: “The best advice I can offer is not to be afraid in front of the camera. You have to let go of your inhibitions and just go for it. Sometimes that may be out side of your comfort zone but those are usually your best images.”

Photo: Born Imagery


Special thanks to Ms. Katie Edwards for her time and assistance during the Q and A interview process. All images used with permission and are the rightful property of their owners.

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