When you make a choice to lose some weight, whether that’s just for yourself or for a holiday goal, it’s great to know that you have awhole world of advice right at your fingertips. It’s one of the most Googled phrases on the internet, as so many log on for ideas on how to quickly and effectively lose weight.

Magazines are always giving advice on how you can lose the pounds quickly and shrink those inches.

There are many hints and tips on the web to help you shed the weight as quickly and safely as you can, but it’s a choice on how you actually decide to embark on your weight loss plan. A lot of people like to start with a detox of sorts to get the initial weight off, then gradually introduce foods back in and build up their metabolism.

Ultimately, the choice is up to you how you decide to get the weight off, but we’ve put together lots of different ways you can get started:

Juicing. A detox of purely fruit and vegetable juicing is a very popular way to detox before a weight loss regime. They work well because your body is getting everything it needs while detoxing away from sugar, fat and other additives that can stick to your insides!

Military Diet. A diet that most haven’t heard of, the military diet is a combination of low calorie foods to help you lose weight successfully. It’s going to help you lose the weight quickly on a three day on, four days off routine that allows you to keep your metabolism moving. You can check outthese great military substitution foods that can allow your body to keep going while burning away the pounds. Giving it a go can change your entire outlook!

Shakes. We’re not talking about vibration plates and shaking off the weight loss, but by replacing your meals with shakes instead of food. Shakes are full of minerals and vitamins that your diet needs for you to stay healthy, but allows you to lose the weight at the same time.

Intermittent Fasting. This one isn’t the same as a weight loss starter like juicing, but intermittent fasting can do wonders for your health. Two days a week at five hundred calories, while the other five days are within a normal calorie range, your metabolism gets a massive kick!

Cabbage Soup. One of the least popular ways to kick off weight loss, the cabbage soup diet is one that starts you off with a week of, you guessed it, cabbage soup. Then you gently and slowly add in other foods and build your diet up again slowly until you can maintain your weight.

Kicking off your weight loss with a detox of sorts can help you go a long way to keeping the weight off. Detoxing your body of all the toxins you’ve ingested is a smart idea so that you can get into the right space for your new weight.

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