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On The Rise! Meet Hollywood’s Newest It Girl, Melissa Bolona!

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By Julia Writer

Hollywood is full of celebrities, but few have seen a steady rise to stardom that can compare to model and actress Melissa Bolona. With her first debut on the screen in only 2014, Bolona has quickly risen to various major roles. Here is what you need to know about Hollywood’s newest rising star:

Origins: Bolona has a rich heritage that includes Peruvian, German, Cuban and Ukrainian ancestry. While she was born in Greenwich, CT, Bolona grew up in New Jersey, but also spent several of her childhood years in Peru. Even as a child, Melissa Bolona wanted to be an actress. For young Melissa, acting allowed her to bring joy to others. However, as a young university student, Bolona broadened her scope to modeling while she completed an International Marketing Degree at Pace University in New York with adjunct study in Paris, France.

Career:  Bolona’s acting debuted on film in 2015 with The Saint and Grace of God and In Stereo. At that time, Bolona was better known worldwide as a model and had appeared in magazines like Harper’s Bazar, Forbes and Venidades, the major magazine in Latin America. Since her debut, Melissa Bolona has scored a variety of major roles including Amethyst Stone in Year of the Spectacular Men, directed by Lea Thompson, and Mia in Acts of Violence which also features action film icon Bruce Willis.  You can find a complete list of Bolona’s works on Melissa Bolona IMDB.

Philanthropic Work: In addition to a busy acting career, Melissa Bolona has also distinguished herself as a philanthropist. While she works with many causes, Bolona revealed that she is most passionate about animal rights in her interview with Bella Magazine.

With Melissa Bolona’s IMDB steadily growing, it is only a matter of time before Bolona’s acting career becomes famous worldwide.

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