By Janis Walker

Having a great sense of style is essential for women in their 30’s. At the age of 30, this is the time when careers of most women are hitting the road, they have more procuring capability than before, and they are at least pursuing the concept of settling down.

30s is also the age where most women go for brilliant, considerably more matured preference when it comes to fashion. It’s just unfortunate that those in their 30’s have a difficult time accomplishing the fashion trends they love than when they were in their 20’s. Why should you try?

When you turn 30, it is time to upgrade your wardrobe with some edgy and classy clothing. But it does not mean that you have to discard the playful and chic fashion trends. It is all about how you carry yourself. Listed below are the fashionable guide for women in their 30’s.

Casual Looks

There are hardly any rules when it comes to casual fashion compared with professional attire. For the women in their 30’s, there is only one rule that you should abide when opting for a casual look. It must fit!

Even if you invest in designer clothes, they will look inexpensive and unfashionable if they are baggy. On the flip side, you can make a low-cost apparel seem like a thousand bucks if it perfectly fits to your frame.

Professional Looks

Women’s Clothing are sometimes challenging to pull off, especially the professional look. But you shouldn’t worry. One approach you can swat is to invest in a flawless and excellent fitting suit.

Go for a classic cut and in a neutral color, a piece that can transcend any trend. Plus a few superb shirts and a fine pair of shoes. When it comes to footwear, office shoes should be simple and toned down.

Pair your pants and skirts with button down shirts, sweaters, or glamorous blouses. Also, camisoles work well with suit jackets if you want to sport a conservative office look. Just make sure that they are not too revealing.

Additionally, think about buying few dresses to keep your days more interesting. For the fabrics, cotton, cashmere, and wool work well for a professional environment. But you can still opt for knits, corduroy, and silk fabrics. And most importantly, avoid a wrinkled clothing.

Evening Looks

Regardless of your age, slaying on evening looks really depends on the occasion. For the women in their 30’s, it is about stabilizing sexiness and sophistication. Less is more, as the saying goes. Thus, if you show a bit of your skin, then make sure you know how to tone down.

When you prefer to show a bit of your leg, then make sure that everything on top is well-covered. But fear not! Looking refined does not have to be old and out of trend. Try pairing your look with something youthful.

As for the accessories, the only way to break your look is not to overdo it. One timeless piece is enough to glam up your look. Try to keep things in balance. Complement rugged accessories with striking embellishments. And make it neat for everything whispery like chiffon or silk.

Hair and Makeup

As you grow older, some changes may happen with the way you look. Aging includes a solid slope towards the wrinkled, sagging, and dry skin. Also, your appearance may not be as refined as it was before.

You will want to adjust your makeup process to counterpart the changes of your skin. Do not put too much powder on your skin because it settles in the pores of your skin which only emphasize laugh lines and crow’s feet. It is best to avoid frozen products and heavy glimmer as they will just emphasize any flaws you may have.

As for your hair, if you are procuring few grays, a quick trip to your favorite salon can solve this problem. Wearing the hair up in aid of long gushing flocks still looks pretty for women in their 30’s and beyond, provided that your hair is still healthy.

You can start try a crooked chignon or a French twist. Make sure to match it with thin and weak strays or a brush off bangs. This will look sexy and elegant and adds a youthful twist.

Do’s and Don’ts

The rule of thumb is to never purchase pieces of clothes that don’t fit. Even if you are on a diet, do not buy a small size in expectation of losing extra pounds. Although it’s a good motivation, it just doesn’t work well for your wallet. Hence, if you don’t want to waste money, buy those items of clothing that fit.

Also, invest on items such as sneakers, running shoes, raincoats, sunglasses and jeans. Expand your clothing beyond basic black and comfy go-to dresses. Do invest in multifunctional pieces. You will appreciate the flexibility of these items which you can utilize depending on the occasion. Do invest in well-fitted undergarments too.


Age is just a number, and technically you should be capable to wear anything you want. Plus age should not be a contributing factor to how and what you dress. The fashionable guide for women in their 30’s varies from casual, professional, evening look, and hair and makeup. So, ladies, ramp up and dress up!

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